May 26, 2021

Drinking with the Gods

La Cité du Vin in Bordeaux presents the exhibition Drinking with the Gods which explores Antiquity, the founding period of the imaginary world of wine, until 29 August. Through a lively journey punctuated by contemporary sound and visual devices, it seeks to reveal the links established between wine, the gods and men in Greco-Roman civilisation. Come and dive into mythology and (re)discover extraordinary stories!
Mythology, from antiquity to street art


In its new exhibition Drinking with the Gods, the Cité du Vin in Bordeaux explores Antiquity and traces the evolution of wine’s role in GraecoRoman civilisation. The exhibition aims to reveal the links established between wine,gods and men.The divine nectar, wine is also the drink of earthly banquets shared by men eager to get closer to the gods.

Foremost among them is Dionysus, born of the love of Zeus and a mortal. He is the wandering god who discovers the vine and teaches men the art of making wine.Nearly fifty works (ceramics, sculptures, paintings) produced by the greatest artists of their time, including special loans from the Louvre Museum, the National Archaeological Museum of Athens and the Gandur Foundation for Art (in Geneva), will reveal the mythology linked to wine and its ritual consumption during ancient festivals and banquets.



Drinking with the gods – © ANAKA – La Cité du vin

3 contemporary creations at the heart of the exhibition


At the invitation of the Foundation for Wine Culture and Civilisations, street artists MonkeyBird, Delphine Delas and Rouge will each create a monumental figurative work, echoing the ancient works exhibited. Fully integrated into the exhibition tour, these installations will present a contemporary reading of major myths that have rarely been represented (the myth of Ampelos, Dionysian festivals and Dionysos’ travels around the world).

The Foundation for Wine Culture and Civilisations wanted, once again, to engage with today’s artists by offering exclusive creations  and thus offer visitors a new look, a new interpretation, for an ever more exceptional experience.


➡More information and booking / until 29 August 2021



Won’t be in Bordeaux by August 29? 

Explore the exhibition from your home!


From the comfort of your computer or tablet, immerse yourself in the mythology of wine with this unique virtual tour. Move around each part of the exhibition, zoom in on the details of the ancient works (including special loans from the Louvre and the National Archaeological Museum of Athens), read the explanatory plates at your own pace, take in the three monumental creations by street artists complete with audio commentaries, and listen to mythological tales reinterpreted by the slammer Maras. You can also enjoy video interviews with the exhibition’s co-curator and the three contemporary artists. Buy your ticket now!





Photos Credits: Cover photo – © Anaka for La Cité du Vin