Feb 17, 2022

Great Wine Capitals Global Network announces new commitment to sustainability

Great Wine Capitals (GWC) joins The Sustainable Wine Roundtable (SWR) as a founding member. This significant GWC commitment confirms its will to be a pioneer in driving wine tourism sustainability, to join forces to accelerate action as sustainability challenges mount and to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, ideas & experience and stimulate business.


Great Wine Capitals Global Network Managing Director, Catherine Leparmentier has announced the network commitment to the Sustainable Wine Roundtable as a founding member, along with other industry leaders such as ; Catena Institute of Wine, Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux (CIVB),, Napa Green, Schenk Group, Systembolaget, The Porto Protocol, Wines of South Africa, and many others. As part of this independent, global, multi-stakeholder and non-profit roundtable, all aim to make the wine sector a sustainability leader.

“As a global organization supporting the wine and tourism industries, we believe that sustainability is an essential factor in the responsible development of these sectors; we believe that wine tourism is a great tool to raise awareness of sustainability issues and we are delighted to be a founding member of the Sustainable Wine Roundtable to lay the groundwork for a definition of what wine destinations should commit to respond to climate, environmental and social issues of sustainability” said Catherine Leparmentier.

Also, building on the many local sustainability standards for wine, the SWR will develop a global reference standard clarifying the wine community’s consensus on exactly what sustainability means and how it is implemented and measured. This will provide clear and credible guidance on how to get vineyards and wineries on the sustainability pathway and help retailers and consumers sort out the various eco-labels and claims.


About Sustainable Wine Roundtable

The Sustainable Wine Roundtable was established by London-based Sustainable Wine Ltd as a response to a call for a common understanding of what the concept of sustainability should mean in the wine industry.

The SWR is a unique coalition – the only global, independent, nonprofit, multi-stakeholder roundtable built to include everyone in the sector, from producers to consumers.

The SWR supports the wine community in creating a world where high quality wine is produced, traded, and consumed in ways that conserve and regenerate ecosystems, protect human rights, foster equality and inclusion, and generate prosperity, pride and passion for excellence. Their mission is to bring the global wine community together to achieve that vision.

Undoubtely, we can see that the Great Wine Capitals commitment to the Sustainable Wine Roundtable as a founding member shows how wine tourism is a key to raise awareness on environmental topics in the wine industry.

More information: Sustainable Wine Roundtable

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