Apr 11, 2022

Malbec Argentino unleashes its full potential in a new edition of Malbec World Day

Wines of Argentina (WofA), the institution in charge of promoting Vino Argentino in the world, has begun the month of celebrations for Malbec World Day, the campaign that seeks to continue strengthening the presence of the iconic varietal of Argentina at a  global level and reflects the success of the country's wine industry.

Celebrating Malbec World Day since 2011

In this 12th edition, the official festivities will be oriented towards the development of phygital actions, combining face-to-face events in the main export markets with online activities to enhance the positioning of Malbec Argentino.
Malbec World Day celebrations began on April 17, 2011 and the date has since become historic in the promotion of Argentine Wine in the world and is now part of the international events calendar. This campaign has the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Trade and Worship and the Argentine Wine Corporation (COVIAR) as it is framed in the Argentina 2030 Strategic Wine Plan.

Unleashing its full potential

Thanks to the constant commitment and research of Argentine winemakers to take the varietal to another level, in the last 20 years Malbec Argentino has begun to unleash its full potential, revealing its incredible breadth and depth. This WofA edition will seek to demonstrate why Malbec Argentino’s got range, alluding to the great diversity of terroirs, which gives rise to a range of expressions depending on altitude and soil type. So, Argentine Malbec is experiencing a new topography of variable flavors, aromas and freshness, which translates into an inexhaustible range of profiles and styles and highlights its diversity and maintains its undisputed quality.

2022 agenda of celebrations

The 2022 agenda includes the development of more than 20 official events in the main export destinations for Vino Argentino: the United States, United Kingdom, China, Canada, Brazil and other relevant markets in Europe. The events are educational, both face-to-face and virtual, with tastings of different Argentine Malbecs which reflect the great diversity of the varietal among our main audiences. There are also physical promotions in partnership with various stores; and with the press, using wine kits and activations with specialised media and influencers. To this is added a strong digital commitment with segmented campaigns and the activation of online channels together with the principle retailers in the USA, the brand new official store of Vino Argentino in Brazil and the Tmall and JD platforms in China.

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“Throughout these 12 editions of Malbec World Day, the world has witnessed the evolution of our varietal, which goes hand in hand with changes in general terms in the industry. For this reason, it is no coincidence that it continues to be by far the most developed, studied and exported varietal. An icon that identifies us in the world. The strategy of “phygitalisation” of the celebrations has allowed us to interact in other ways and attract new audiences, as well as the incorporation of a transversal vision of our values as an organisation that we will continue to deepen with the events and campaigns that are carried out. We are on the way to an increasingly diverse, inclusive and sustainable viticulture, in line with what our global consumers demand”, said Magdalena Pesce, General Manager of Wines of Argentina.

Malbec World Day celebrations are already underway and can be followed throughout the month of April on social networks using the hashtags #MalbecArgentino and #MalbecWorldDay. To discover the wide range of Argentine Malbec, visit the official page:


Since 1993, Wines of Argentina has been promoting the brand and country image of Argentine wines throughout the world. In addition, it plays its role in guiding Argentina’s export strategy, studying and analysing changes in our consumer markets: the United States and Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe, Asia and Latin America. The organization aims to collaborate in the consolidation of Argentina among the main wine exporting countries and contribute to the global success of the national wine industry through the construction of the “Vino Argentino” brand, raising the already positive perception in the trade of opinion leaders and consumers.

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Photo and Video Credits: Wines of Argentina

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