May 20, 2022

Sustainable Wine Roundtable Global Conference

Following the success of the previous events held in 2019 and 2020 by Sustainable WIne, the Sustainable Wine Roundtable (SWR) organisation is pleased to announce its first global annual conference: "How will sustainability transform wine?"

Over a two-days online conference, debates will take place on key issues, and practical implementation of sustainability with some of the leading wine producers, distributors, importers, retailers and many others across the wine industry.



Agenda highlights:
  • How will the Sustainable Wine Roundtable catalyse change in the global wine industry? And why does it matter?
  • Sustainability strategies: Why is sustainability now not a choice but a necessity? What does it mean for wine businesses?
  • Sustainable tourism: What does it mean? Do we need a global definition for the wine industry?
  • Vineyard inputs: A new approach to an old debate. Protecting human health, the environment and productivity.
  • Packaging: Mitigating glass impacts – is standard size & weight the key?
  • Breaking out of the bubble: Learning from other industries – key lessons for wine. How Standards can guide and incentivise sector-wide transformation.
  • How is wine adapting to the climate chaos? And is it moving fast enough?
  • Wine standards and certification: clarity, coordination and common cause. What role does the SWR have to play?
  • Consumers say they want sustainable wine; how can retailers deliver?
  • Carbon accounting: harmonising the metrics and methodologies. Is standardisation a realistic goal?
  • Wine people: ensuring the rights and well-being of workers, advancing equality and diversity, and nurturing good relations with neighbouring communities.
  • Carbon insetting: What’s the potential for investing in the wine sector?
  • Way forward – The SWR agenda for action to 2025. How you can be part of the movement.


Confirmed speakers:
  • Richard Bampfield MW
  • Franco Bastias (Chief Agronomist, Domaine Bousquet)
  • Saúl Blanco (Director of Sustainable Travel Programme, Preferred by Nature)
  • Anne Bousquet (CEO & Co-Founder, Domaine Bousquet)
  • Barry Dick MW (BWS Global Bulk Wine Sourcing Manager, Waitrose)
  • Will Drayton (Director of Technical Viticulture & Research Winemaking, Treasury Wine Estates)
  • Anne-Laure Ferroir (Director, Terra Vitis)
  • Shelly Fuller (Fruit & Wine Programme Manager, WWF South Africa)
  • Kirsten Gray (Chief Sustainability and External Affairs Officer, Treasury Wine Estates)
  • Etelle Higonnet (Senior Advisor, National Wildlife Federation)
  • Anna Hooper (Manager of Industry Policy, Australian Grape & Wine)
  • Marcus Ihre (Sustainability Supply Chain Manager, Systembolaget)
  • Dr. Nick Kirk (Technical Director, British Glass)
  • Catherine Leparmentier (Managing Director, Great Wine Capitals)

and many more …


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