Jul 19, 2022

Swiss Wine Gourmet – A Label to promote Swiss Wine in the Hospitality Sector

For winemakers in Switzerland, hospitality is one of the most important sectors in which wine is sold. Around 30% of Swiss Wines are sold in the hospitality industry which is why it is important that Swiss wines are strongly represented in hotels, bars, Restaurants and Cafés (HoReCa).

The question Swiss Wine asked itself was: How can Swiss wine be promoted even better in the hospitality sector?

In 2014 Swiss Wine created the label Swiss Wine Gourmet that can be found at the entrance of establishments that offer a good to excellent selection of Swiss wine. Restaurants can register for free and after their wine list has been checked they are listed on

To be listed the restaurants must have at least two Swiss wines that are served by the glass all year round and a total of at least five Swiss wines on their wine list. If these two criteria are fulfilled the restaurant is awarded the Swiss Wine Gourmet label which consists of one, two, or three glasses according to the following criteria:

This platform allows lovers of Swiss wines to search for a restaurant with a good Swiss wine list nearby. It is also a recognition for the restaurants that work all year long to promote Swiss wine. This year, the website as well as the “Swiss Wine Gourmet” label were renewed to provide a better online customer experience and increase visibility and awareness of the label among consumers.


Swiss Wine Apéro


In addition to the «Swiss Wine Gourmet» platform, which supports the hospitality industry throughout the year, Swiss Wine launched a summer campaign with the slogan: «Your Swiss Wine Apéro is waiting for you!» Since the aperitif culture is very important in Switzerland what better way to discover local wines then during the summer on the terrace of your favorite restaurant.

For restaurants, there are two conditions for participation: They must be registered on «Swiss Wine Gourmet» and offer a «Swiss Wine Apéro» offer from July 4th to August 31st, consisting of at least two Swiss wines and one regional product. All participating restaurants can be found on the website

At the same time, a competition will be launched for all «Apéro» lovers. Everyone can collect Apéro points when ordering a «Swiss Wine Apéro» in one of the participating restaurants. To collect points, they have to scan the QR-code in the restaurant and after a one-time registration, they can collect points in any participating restaurant in Switzerland. The top three «Apéro» lovers win a «Swiss Wine Gourmet dinner» for four people in a restaurant selected by Swiss Wine and listed on Swiss Wine Gourmet.

With the label Swiss Wine Gourmet and the newly launched summer campaign, Swiss Wine wants to enhance the presence of Swiss wine in the hospitality sector and strengthen the relationship between restaurants and winemakers. The idea is also to create a fun way for the clients to discover Swiss wines in restaurants throughout Switzerland and when looking at the wine list, choose a Swiss wine, of course!


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