Oct 29, 2022

The world of wine meets in Mendoza, starting Sunday Oct 30, 2022

From October 30 to November 3, the Great Wine Capitals International Conference will be held in Mendoza, Argentina.

Around the Annual General Meeting of the international organisation, conferences, workshops and technical visits will take place in the beautiful region of Mendoza, Argentina, supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Province of Mendoza

Read the full program there: GWC International Annual Conference 2022

Mariana Juri, President of Great Wine Capitals

Mariana Juri, President of Great Wine Capitals

Mariana Juri, the President of Great Wine Capitals, based in Mendoza, said:

“Welcome to “Wine for a New World”, the 2023 Annual Conference of the Great Wine Capitals. We are the wine regions of excellence and it will be an honor to meet you all in Mendoza. A place where we can unite through history.

Despite the difficult times that the world and Argentina are going through, the wine industry shows day by day that by working hard and in collaboration, we can improve the quality of our regions.

I highlight the efforts of small and major companies that, coordinating with governments and local authorities, enhance the world of wine. I strongly believe that this is the way to listen to new voices, new ideas and thus, be able to transform and build a better future for all.

I invite you to continue developing and exchanging knowledge, ensuring that our destinations continue to release opportunities and sources of employment for local communities.”

The Annual Conference will close on Thursday, November 3, with a gala dinner where the 11 Global Best Of Wine Tourism Awards will be announced.