Nov 03, 2021

World of Wine receives rare distinction in the 2022 Global Best Of Wine Tourism Awards

The Great Wine Capitals Network last week distinguished Porto’s World of Wine (WOW) with a prestigious honour only awarded once before in its annual Global Best Of Wine Tourism Awards.

The Great Wine Capitals Global Network recognised World Of Wine in Porto, Portugal, with a special Best Of Wine Tourism award for its uniquely rich characteristics and significant benefits to the region and wine tourism. It is only the second recipient of a ‘Special Achievement Award’ for the annual global awards program, only previously won by La Cité du Vin in Bordeaux.

“The best of the best”

Along with the 10 winners of the 19th Global Best Of Wine Tourism Awards, WOW was recognised at a gala event in Mainz (Germany) on October 28, as among the best of the best wine tourism businesses from the most prestigious wine regions across five continents.

WOW makes a striking visual statement across 300,000 square feet. It opened in 2020 across redeveloped centuries-old Port wine cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia. Today, visitors can explore seven museums, nine restaurants, shops, temporary exhibition and event spaces. With a wine school on-site, WOW is an immersive wine appreciation and learning hub, and the business successfully delivers on its mission to pay homage to the region and shine a light on the most important Portuguese industries and traditions beyond wine: cork, textiles and fashion. The 105M€ investment also provides long-term benefits to economic and social prosperity, with more than 250 jobs created to date.

“The World of Wine lives up to its acronym. It is a genuine intersection of culture and heritage that impressed the members of GWC Executive Committee into awarding. It’s a rare Global Best Of Wine Tourism Award”, said Managing Director of the Great Wine Capitals Network, Catherine Leparmentier.

“What we saw at WOW was a carefully considered approach to showcasing the rich tradition of winemaking and other significant industries. We were amazed by the quality, innovation and impact of this entry and contribution to local history and culture, past, present and future.” Ms Leparmentier said. “The award is only bestowed when an exceptional entry is received that does not fit the seven categories. WOW was unanimously recognised as worthy of that honour. Congratulations to all.”

The Best Of Wine Tourism Awards

Since 2003, the Great Wine Capitals’ Best Of Wine Tourism Awards has shone a light on the quality craftsmanship of wine tourism businesses. The European regions participating are Bilbao | Rioja (Spain), Bordeaux (France), Lausanne (Switzerland), Mainz | Rheinhessen (Germany), Porto (Portugal) and Verona (Italy). Worldwide, the capitals are Adelaide (Australia), Cape Town | Cape Winelands (South Africa), Mendoza (Argentina), San Francisco | Napa Valley (USA) and Valparaiso | Casablanca Valley (Chile).

The winners of the 2022 Global Best Of Wine Tourism Award are:

  • Adelaide, South Australia, | Penfold’s Magill Estate
  • Bilbao | Rioja, Spain | Bodegas Vinícola Real
  • Bordeaux, France | Château Guiraud
  • Cape Town | Cape Winelands, South Africa |Creation Wines
  • Lausanne, Switzerland | Adrian & Diego Mathier Nouveau Salquenen SA
  • Mainz | Rheinhessen, Germany | Weingut Braunewell
  • Mendoza, Argentina | Bodega Los Toneles-Abrasado
  • Porto, Portugal | Ventozelo Hotel & Quinta
  • San Francisco | Napa Valley , United States| Charles Krug
  • Verona, Italy | Zýmē


Voting is now open for the People’s Choice Awards. To learn more about the People’s Choice Awards and vote in one or more of the seven categories, visit the contest page: People’s Choice Awards

Voting closes on November 12 and winners will be announced on November 15.

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