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World Wine Web, the Great Wine Capitals' newsletter | July 2020 | Click here to read this email

While the chef is in the kitchen, the sommelier is in the dining room; he or she is the centrepiece of a restaurant to ensure customers the perfect match between the wines and the dishes tasted ...
A good sommelier ... or how to achieve the perfect blend of wine & gastronomy!


The importance that gastronomy and wine have gained today has led to reassess its service and management. They are key points that imply the professionalization and training of all the staff involved. Just as chefs create original dishes, beverages are the domain of sommeliers.


“Older locals always choose their favorite Rioja before ordering the meal. Younger locals and visitors from other parts of Spain and those from abroad choose the food first and then ask for recommendations about pairings.”


As a luxury wine hotel, The Yeatman, facing Porto, takes on the place of an embassy for the best national wines. The secret is well kept in its award-winning wine cellar, which has one of the most complete and diverse collections of Portuguese wines. Its wine selection offers the gastronomic component the perfect complement, where the sommelier appears as the secret weapon of this experience.


South Australia is indisputably Australia’s wine state, producing 50% of all bottled wine and 80% of premium wine. It makes sense then that some of Australia's best dining experiences are found in Adelaide, one of the Great Wine Capitals of the world.


The recent "lockdown" clearly showed that what we were missing from a restaurant was not only the food but also the pleasure of going out, being with friends and family, just simply enjoying the way of life.

The sommelier, in addition to possessing the technical skills related to his field, is a hospitality professional in the broadest sense and plays a key role in the mechanism of customer loyalty.


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The Great Wine Capitals is a network of 11 major global cities in both the northern and southern hemispheres, which share a key economic and cultural asset: their internationally renowned wine regions.

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