It’s Christmas time… in Porto!

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In this very atypical year, more than ever, and for the reasons we all know, it’s extremely important to treasure and hold on to the Christmas season's essence.

While many of the usual Christmas festivities can not take place this year, there are many ways to celebrate it, despite all restrictions and conditions, for this is a time to love and to hope for better times to come.

At Porto, you can already get into the spirit, with the Christmas lights and decorations lighting up the streets, inviting people to stroll around and visit the traditional shops and the markets and fairs of the city. (learn more)

Specially for wine lovers, and for those who still haven’t found their perfect wine gift, there will be a WINTER WINE MARKET, on Dec 17th and 18th, at Mercado Ferreira Borges, which offer its visitors, in a spacious and relaxed atmosphere, wine tastings, gastronomy, entertainment, and more, and in respect of all the sanitary measures.


For those of you who will not be able to come and enjoy this beautiful time at our region, due to the many restrictions, do not worry, our wine and wine tourism offers can come to you!

You can actually experience a little of our wine region in the safety of your home, and maybe make a plan for your next holidays in Porto region, and, most likely, you will also be inspired for your Christmas presents.

Experiences is what people will always remember and cherish, no matter how much time goes by, so we should collect, and share, as many as we can. While you cannot reunite with all your loved ones, you can make yourself present through our gifts.

Our Best Of Wine Tourism award winners are ready to help you to create incredible memories with unique programs and experiences, and make this Christmas even more special.

Only at a click away, you may order your favourite wine, but also vouchers for the most extraordinary wine experiences, ranging from accommodation, meals in the middle of the vineyards, picking grapes, guided wine tastings and pairings, to workshops and relaxing SPA’s, or maybe a guided tour through the region’s traditional Quintas.


There are endless possibilities. The following are just a few examples of everything our Best Of Wine Tourism winners are able to provide you with.

- Quinta da Pacheca - vouchers for the ultimate wine experiences at your disposal 

- Six Senses Douro Valley - online store where you will find not only wine but other products made in-house such as teas, herbs, flavored salts, scrubs.⁠ 

- Cockburn’s Port Cellars – Guided tastings from the comfort of your home, led by one of their experienced wine educators.


May you be inspired by these few suggestions, and come to explore everything our region has to offer. Make sure to also check out what your favourite Best Of Wine Tourism has on offer!


Who wouldn't love to receive a gift like this on Christmas?


Cheers and a Merry Christmas!  


Photo: CC BY-NC-ND - Associação de Turismo do Porto e Norte