COVID-19 in our Great Wine Capitals

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Dear friends of the Great Wine Capitals Global Network,

Our World has suddenly entered a difficult period. The covid-19 virus is changing our lives, our habits, our families, our businesses...

In Italy, Spain, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal or Switzerland, the European countries where our Great Wine Capitals are situated, all cultural hubs and facilities, including the wine estates usually welcoming visitors have closed their doors.

The rest of the world is also closing down little by little, in the USA, in Australia, Chile or Argentina.

On behalf of Great Wine Capitals, an international organization, I ask all of you, your loved ones, relatives and children, your friends, to scrupulously follow the recommendations of the authorities on security, current and future.

The preservation of our health must be everyone's concern.

In this way, we can overcome this tragic catastrophe and find ourselves even stronger to work together on the projects that are ours in the world of vines and wine.

Sincerely Yours,


Jacques Faurens

President of Great Wine Capitals Global Network