Johanna Dayer, an incredible young gun in wine!

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Johanna Dayer is one of the managing partners from Clos de Tsampéhro. Her passion for wine started way early. At 18 years old, she went straight to Tuscany. She was able to truly enjoy her passion for wine by working as an intern at one of the estates from the Antinori group. Johanna was extremely grateful to discover the full job done in the vineyard and winery. Then, Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne was her college’s choice. A perfect school to learn about management, marketing and still maintaining the link with the wine industry. Another step was required, passing as much WSET exams in wine as she could to satisfy her thirst for knowledge. A second internship in the marvelous Bordeaux region was also eye-opening. She continued learning the job by helping Madeleine Gay on events set up by Provins. Lucky her, she also met Marie-Thérèse Chappaz, who helped her discovering the wide and fascinating biodynamic world. Listening to these amazing, generous and sharing women was truly insightful.


In 2017, she joined a team of three men fully in love with wine, just like her. They manage a 2.5 hectares’ vineyard. The winery is in organic reconversion and also practice the biodynamics principles. Tsampéhro is a Clos and looks like a tiny secret garden with many fruit trees around the vines, an insect hotel as well as a bee hive. The estate has only one key rule: make no compromise on quality. This means they act in a very sustainable manner, respecting the environment in order to make the best wine possible reflecting its terroir. The four nature lovers also decided to replant old indigenous varieties that were either totally gone (Completer) or almost abandoned (Rèze).

Visit the website:  +41 27 458 25 25