Lausanne : The perfect balance of a city and the countryside

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It’s the mixture of it all to be a good wine destination : Swiss hospitality, the Latin mentality of the French speaking part of Switzerland, the picturesque geography of the city of Lausanne with Lake Geneva and the Alps and, of course, the vineyards of Lavaux belonging to UNESCO World Heritage since 2007.
With its elegant buildings, red roofs and charming streets, Lausanne is a pleasure to amble through. And if sometimes the road you’re on feels steep, embrace the incline: This city’s geography is what makes it unique. Perched on hills by the peaceful waters of the lake, this is a city that’s blessed with stunning views at every turn. This position is also what makes the city’s surroundings one of Switzerland’s best wine-making regions: the hills of Lavaux are a stone’s throw from the centre of this small, vibrant and very international city. A glass of its prized chasselas and a nibble of cheese taste even better on a terrace with the water and Alpine peaks in sight.


Credit photo : @Giglio Pasqua