Customer Service in Wine Tourism: Luxury of Time

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On the light of this context, how do we take the most out of it and thrive in this challenging industry?

  • Be authentic: be you! It is true that everything has already been invented, but you are unique! Put your strengths on stage and make them the highlight of your own memorable experience. Customers no longer recall products, they recall emotions, stories, people. Give them the tools and reasons to want to share with friends and social media, the time they spent with you.

  • Be empathic: Empathy is the highest form of intelligence. It is the ability to understand somebody else’s thoughts, emotions and feelings. But that is not enough, you must be able to transmit it to him/her. Know your customer, anticipate as much as you can, be creative enough so as to turn every moment into an aha! moment. And never forget to do the same with your internal customer: your team! Connect with your people in such a way that they will passionately fall in love with you. If so, inevitably their enthusiasm will transcend the experience and turn it memorable.
  • Be sustainable: be respectful of nature, think long term and act consequently, prefer local producers and suppliers, design seasonable proposals, focus on quality rather than on cost. Aim at overdelivering, it will always pay back.
  • Be coherent: be consistent, may your thoughts, feelings and words always be aligned with your actions! This builds trust and makes you believable in all ways.

Rounding off, know yourself, know you customer and your team, respect mother nature and do as you say. As stated above, in the end, it all comes down to people!

By Laura Yofe

About the author:

Laura Yofe is an expert consultant in management and talent developing for the hospitality industry. She is also a Coach for Leaders and Biodecodification therapist.

Follow her in instagram @laurayofe