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Best of Wine Tourism Restaurant: DIAM’S – DIAMANDES WINERY

This restaurant offers a comprehensive and innovative culinary experience, highlighting the regional cuisine; using local suppliers and recipes that show cast Argentina with a French touch and the technical and creative magic of Diamandes chef.

Cooking for each of Diamandes wines: each label deserves a special gastronomic attention, which will lead us to experience an explosion of aromas and flavors; going through a true sensory proposal.

The restaurant proposes 4 Grand Cru menus a year, honoring each season of the year. They are prepared under a strict protocol before being officially presented to the public. This protocol includes:

Initiative: The kitchen team works on the proposal of the season.
First tasting: In this step, the pairing and presentation are adjusted before the last tasting carried out by the Bonnie family, the owners of the property.
Second tasting: the Bonnie family make pertinent adjustments and the dishes get the final approval to be presented to the guests. 


Best of Architecture & Landscape: SOLO CONTIGO WINERY

A unique concept that combines tradition and innovation. SoloContigo Wines, located in Los Chacayes, Mendoza at the foot of the Andes Mountains, is a “must visit“ in the world of Argentine wine.

Wineries in Argentina were originally built as part of a home, where the wines were both made, stored, and often enjoyed on their patios. SoloContigo’s unique architecture pays homage to this colonial tradition by combining the winery, tasting room, cellar, living quarters and art gallery under one roof. This creates an unusual and visually stunning integration of productive areas and elegant living spaces.

Canadian owners Noel and Terry Neelands wanted to incorporate the concept into the design and -along with noted winery architects Bórmida / Yanzon- created what has become a destination for locals and tourists alike. The architectural objective which aims to find new forms of sociability around wine, links all the beautiful spaces to achieve experiences of intimacy and friendship.


Best of Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences:  SIGN LANGUAGE GLOSSARY OF WINE

This project was developed by Monteviejo Winery, Wine Institute, Mendoza Deaf Association, GILSA (Argentine Sign Language Instructors Group), the Artistic Experimentation Initiative Reencarnaciones and Topo.s Accesible Culture.

They all together developed an app to learn the Sign Language Glossary of Wine. It was created by the Mendoza Deaf Association (with subtitles in Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese) and can be downloaded to any mobile phone. The main objective is to include deaf people into the wine world and raise public awareness.

Monteviejo Wineries adds virtual wine tastings in Argentine Sign Language to this initiative.

The presentation of the app was accompanied by the media campaign #Dejateenseñarporelvino (Let wine teach you signs!) , which aims at encouraging the learning of wine-related words in Argentine sign language in social networks.



Universidad del Aconcagua (UDA) in Mendoza, in partnership with the Catholic University of Salta (UCASAL), designed and developed the Online Diploma in Wine Tourism Management with a double degree program. This endeavor is aimed at offering high-quality distance education to meet the growing challenges of the wine tourism industry and impact on the continuous enhancement of the national wine tourism.

This is a new and unique university training, consistent with the academic standards of the best worldwide universities, complying with the professional demands of the current market. 

It counts with highly qualified teaching staff, fifteen outstanding professionals from Argentina and Chile, with great experience and comprehensive training. 


Best of Sustainable Wine Tourism Practices: SUPERUCO WINERY

Superuco Winery is located in the Winemakers Village in Los Chacayes, at the heart of the Uco Valley. It produces wine using noble materials like concrete and oak.

As in nature, there are no vertices or straight lines, everything tends to form circles, that’s why Superuco Winery was conceived with a circular shape design; from the plantation of the vineyards and the organic garden, until the animal pen.

Even the winery building is an octagon in the middle of the farm, in the main circle, which is linked to the others by trails, just like in our own lives, always intimately related.

If the circle is synonymous of perfection in nature, the octagon is the most similar geometric figure to the circle: the path into perfection.