Every family has their own special festive traditions. Whether on purpose or not, there’s a set of rituals that may seem so normal and ordinary to us, but would be incredibly perplexing to outsiders looking in. 

The magical holiday period is treated as something very special in Lausanne! You shouldn’t miss this fairy-tale atmosphere for anything in the world - we love it and can’t wait for it to come round each year...And now for the good news - we won’t have to do without it this year thanks to Bô Noël who will until 31 December 2020 sprinkle his magic in the town (in a Covid-compliant manner of course!!). You may also find some interesting input in relation to Swiss wines thanks to Swiss Wine Promotion: contests, wine and dine ideas, gift ideas and much more.

There is no denying it, we live in a beautiful state – one that begs to be explored. With 680 wineries and 340 cellar doors across South Australia, wine and food lovers have plenty to choose from.

Mainz and Rheinhessen also bring an international award to the region! In the international comparison, in which the winners of the respective national competitions competed again, Weingut Thörle, located in the middle of the Grand Cru locations Schlossberg, Hölle and Probstey, convinced the jury from all Great Wine Capitals.

Despite the extremely challenging context, Porto was able to once again carry out this annual contest, endorsed by the Great Wine Capitals Global Network, a prestigious competition that recognizes wine tourism services for their excellence.

The Best of Mendoza’s Wine Tourism awards are a recognition to quality and excellence. This year it is also a praise for effort and strength. Due to the restrictions imposed by COVID it was not possible to offer a gala event as it is the regular case, despite of it, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism prepared an announcement gala video hosted by the National Wine Harvest Queen to unveil the winners. You can watch it in

And the winners are!!!

Companies and agents in the wine tourism sector are readapting their strategies to the COVID-19 context, and Great Wine Capitals Global Network works as an international meeting point to share steps, initiatives and brilliant ideas to face this enormous challenge.


Verona is proud to celebrate its 2021 Best of Wine Tourism Award winners selected in seven categories. High level of expertice and commitment in wine tourism.

Celebrating innovation and excellence in wine tourism throughout the eleven greatest wine regions in the world, wineries across the Western Cape entered into the prestigious Great Wine Capitals Best Of Wine Tourism Awards. These awards provide an opportunity for wineries and other visitor-serving businesses in each region to gain exposure and recognition for their commitment to presenting leading wine tourism options while giving visitors a one-stop list of the best places to experience.

Our new Best Of Wine Tourism Award winners for 2021 from Mainz and  Rheinhessen are fixed! The ten-member GWC jury, chaired by Mayor Michael Ebling selected the winners in six categories.