The University of Verona offers both undergraduate and graduate programs which cover multiple aspects of the wine sector.

CHANGINS educational institution is Switzerland national center of excellence on viticulture and enology training. This one of its kind establishment dispenses 4 branches focusing on those fields as well as economics and management.

Cape Town and the Cape Winelands offer various wine courses delving into the wine industry history and mastering the art of winemaking while learning about the developing wine industry of South Africa. The wine industry is complex and multidisciplinary and it demands a specialised approach.


The 18 wines regions of Adelaide, South Australia are home to over 50% of Australia’s wine grape production, and over 80% of Australia’s premium wines are produced in South Australia. It’s no wonder that the University of Adelaide is the most renowned school for winemakers and viticulturists in Australia.

Wine lovers and those interested in wine tourism have several options to pursue official degree programs and continuing education studies in the Rioja region.

Mendoza has a long tradition of cultivating knowledge related to wine and its professionals have received international recognitions that highlight the level of their preparation.

Chateau Feely is excited to announce a new range of virtual wine tasting parties, live tasting and pairing classes, and online courses. 

Wesgro, Cape Town & Western Cape  Tourism, Trade & Investment agency, is pleased to announce that the Cape Town and the Cape Winelands have officially joined the Great Wine Capitals (GWC) global network - the leading global club of major world city regions with internationally-renowned wine offerings.

After the period of confinement imposed on the country and the whole world by the new coronavirus pandemic, the economy is starting to gradually reopen, and as so tourism resumption is also being prepared.

In order to reinforce visitors confidence in the destination, tourism players have been studying the necessary changes and planning new procedures to be incorporated in their activity to provide a health safety environment to both their customers and employees.

Mendoza is looking for ways to continue developing its wine and tourism industry despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.