Rita Marques, a young winemaker in Douro

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Rita is the face and soul of Conceito Wines. Rita was the bridge that allowed the family owned company, led by her mother Carla Ferreira, to combine History with the ambition to create news brands, such as Rita combines youth with wisdom and technical know-how with intuition.

Disappointed with Mechanical Engineering, Rita chose the earth and the wine route. Graduated in Oenology in Vila Real and Bordeaux, carefully chose her career, learning and working side by side with some of the most influential winemakers in the world, in some of the most fascinating terroirs in the world: Bordeaux, California, South Africa and New Zealand.

Returning to the Douro made Rita grow in a special way. From winemaker she became a leader. Rita’s engaging leadership allowed her to build a strong, ambitious and dynamic team with the goal to make wines that mirror her personality. Better yet: the way her personality interprets places. The result is unique wines: personal, passionate, fresh. Visions that transport raw land to the table, to the meal and to social interactions.

To learn more about Rita Marques and Conceito Wines: http://www.conceito.com.pt/love#preludio