Rioja’s Golden Mile

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Finding the Best of Rioja’s Golden Mile

Haro and its Barrio de la Estación are only about an hour from the Basque city of Bilbao, where Romotur has its home base. Let Romotur introduce you to the best of the Rioja wine country, including Haro’s charming “Golden Mile.”

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More about Rioja’s Golden Mile

There’s plenty to explore in Haro, from historic palaces to contemporary art, but we think the best part about being here is the “Barrio de la Estación.” This barrio, also known as the Golden Mile, is one swell neighborhood—home to seven superb wineries, and a place where tradition and innovation converge happily.

The district came into its own in the mid-1800s, when winemakers arrived from Bordeaux to buy Rioja wines. French vineyards had been devastated by phylloxera but their ideas had not—a fruitful exchange of ideas ensued. The railroad was a breakthrough, speeding Rioja’s wines to faraway tables, and the Station was the place to be.

The wineries around the station represent the best of Rioja’s elegant style. Yet each place has evolved, including architecturally, with daring additions by the likes of Zaha Hadid fitting in with aplomb.

Another contrast to love here: Haro is surrounded by rolling vineyard-covered hills, and ancient rural villages. A drive into the surrounding landscape is an essential part of a perfect stay here.

In June, the wineries host “La Cata del Barrio de la Estación,” the Haro Station Wine Experience, offering selected tastings and perfect pairings by top chefs. Of course, a low-key approach is absolutely do-able: the wine and food are wonderful here all year round.