Historic Saint-Emilion

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Saint-Emilion par Excellence

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Saint-Emilion is an architectural gem you’ll want to savor on a slow stroll. It is a magnificently-set town with hundreds of historic buildings within its walls.

Its history goes deep—literally. You’ll see how on a visit to its underground origins, a remarkable network of reliquaries and a monolithic church, carved out in the 12th century to commemorate the 8th century hermit named Emilion, of course.

Part of what makes Saint-Emilion one of our favorite places is the way life goes on alongside all this history at friendly bars, restaurants, and shops. Not all of them are focused on wine, though, as this town is beloved for another tradition: macarons. These delicate almond macaroons are based on a recipe dating to 1620.

The quality of Saint-Emilion’s wines is surely what set you on this path in the first place, and rightly so. Visiting the excellent estates here is a must.

Why not share a hike with the owners of Chateau Boutinet before enjoying a food and wine pairing under their oak tree? Or bike to Chateau La Dominique to check out the impressive cellars designed by architect Jean Nouvel? Or just a little further on, discover the tiny district of Pomerol, the kingdom of the Merlot grape, and home of the fabled Petrus estate.