Napa’s St. Helena

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Plan Your St. Helena’s Getaway

St. Helena’s getaways are a favorite at Beau Wine Tours. They design tours that include tastings at historic wineries, authentic vineyard lunches, and transportation, so you can truly enjoy it all. Or join their Introduction to Napa Valley tour, for a first visit to St. Helena’s.

>> St. Helena’s by Beau Wine Tours 

St. Helena is a quintessential Napa Valley wine town—a destination beloved for its gorgeous landscapes and great wines. The shops, spas, and restaurants are standouts, too. But there’s something unexpectedly special about St. Helena’s welcoming small town vibe.

Wandering Main Street is one good way to get into the easy-going groove here. And if you come on a Friday morning, we suggest you head straight to the weekly farmer’s market in Crane Park. It’s a celebration of all things local: fresh produce, flowers, olive oil, honey, and more. Just the place to stock up for a picnic in the shade of the Park’s Redwood grove.

History has shaped the spirit of St. Helena as surely as it has shaped the Cabernets, Merlots, and Zinfandels famously grown here. The valley attracted farmers from all over Europe nearly two centuries ago. By the 1860s vineyard pioneers were doing well, yet because this part of the valley was hard to get to before the advent of the automobile, theirs was a quiet kind of success.

That slightly off the beaten path character is something locals today work hard to preserve and something we love to share with travelers.