The Young Guns of Mendoza

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The role of the winemaker has changed and evolved in the past years:  from being secluded in the winery it has expanded to be the main communicator and an expert trader of his products. 

These Young Guns are making new rules, exploring different ways to come up with new products that not only surprise but also please the consumers and the critics in the wine world.

These three young winemakers represent a new generation that dares to innovate and go through new paths.

Lucas Niven, 36 years old

Before Lucas oversaw NIVEN WINES, the family winery, he worked for important local wineries under the overview of renowned winemakers and travelled to the United States to perfect his skills.

He developed his own label "Pala Corazón", in the eastern region of Mendoza. Since it was launched, "Pala Corazón" has started a new trend among signature wines.

One of his latest innovations is presenting wine in dispensers with taps to sell them  by the glass to make it easier to serve and to preserve.

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Matias Morcos, 24 years old

He is the winemaker of Bodega Familia Morcos, a company that has been producing wines in the eastern part of the Mendoza since 1960.

He was awarded "Revelation of the Year" by the outstanding South American Wine Guide "Descorchados", directed by the Chilean journalist Patricio Tapia.

This award was given to him for the use of the Criolla grape, a variety somewhat forgotten and that today is winning ground in the Argentinian wine. 

He has its own label of wines called Matías Morcos, that includes three varieties of grape: Criolla, Moscatel and Bonarda. 

It is a line targeted to young people. Each wine is characterized by its simplicity, with the sole purpose of enjoying them.

Ana Paula Bartolucci, 28 years old 

She is the first female winemaker to work for Chandon, a breakthrough in an all men enology company.

She studied enology at Don Bosco University. During this period Ana Paula travelled to South Africa to have her first experiences in the wine world. 

After receiving her degree, she worked in Spain at a winery in Villanueva de Alcardete, close to Toledo.

Ana Paula has participated in the development and elaboration of the first bitter sparkling wine that combines Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Semillon. This is made with grapes from vines cultivated one thousand meters above sea level in Mendoza.   

Aperitif, a fresh and expressive sparkling wine, combines liqueur 100% natural, a maceration of oranges of the variety Valencia, coming from Entre Ríos and different spices from Madagascar, India, Central America and Brazil for a greater aromatic complexity and a natural bitterness. Aperitif is targeted to a young audience as a way to introduce younger generations into the wine world.


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Maria Alejandra Bidaseca is an expert consultant in Marketing & Trade and a wine specialist.

She is also a Director of Winexperts Institute, a wine school focused on business and marketing. 

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