Mikhail Baryshnikov, a new Argentinean wine and tourism ambassador

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Invited by the Ministry of Tourism of Argentina and the Government of Mendoza, through the Ministries of Tourism and Culture, Mikhail Baryshnikov –Misha, as he prefers to be called- visited the malbec´s worldwide capital to taste several wines and enjoy Argentinean flavors. He confessed to be a great soccer fan and a wine connoisseur.

Here what he told us about argentinean wines >> VIDEO >> Mikhail Baryshnikov in Mendoza


Before enjoying the wine experiences, the prestigious dancer gave a sensitive and intimate talk at a crowded “Independence Theater” where he shared personal and professional stories and did a retrospective on his career as a dancer and actor. "In my home town Latvia, being a dancer was a right and an obligation. To us dancing is part of our identity, and it is as popular as football to you”. He added “first it was Borges –the Argentinean classical writer- and then the sensual tango who introduced me to Argentina and Latin America".