Mendoza celebrated the best of the local Wine Tourism 2015

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Mendoza celebrated the best of the local Wine Tourism.

As Great Wine Capitals, the Best of Mendoza’s Wine Tourism 2015 highlighted and gave value to the provincial enotouristic tourism.

   Since Mendoza was selected as Great Wine Capitals, the eyes of worldwide enotourism were on the Best of Mendoza’s Wine Tourism 2015, a gala that took place recently at Cultural Space Julio Le Parc, where the identity of wine and tourism was valued and distinguished with gold, silver and bronze awards, and special mentions in the various categories defining the provincial enotouristic matrix.  

   There were numerous authorities on national, provincial and municipal level participating at this edition. Among them were Patricia Vismara, Deputy Secretary for Tourism Promotion, and Mora Dizembrino, Touristic Marketing Director, both officials from the National Ministry of Tourism. 

   The province was represented by Javier Espina, Minister of Tourism; Marizul Ibañez, Minister of Culture; and Guillermo Elizalde, Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources. Along with them, authorities from all municipalities, business people and entrepreneurs took part in the festival that recognizes the best of wine tourism and contributes to its promotion and growth.  

   “Over these years, Nation, Province and Municipality, all together have appreciated wine, a product that feeds and generates synergy together with the entire touristic system, along with a myriad of experiences, services, and innovations that do not only imply visiting wineries,” said Javier Espina, Minister of Tourism in the province.

   He added that “the visit of prestigious referents of image and critics of wine world as Mihail Baryshnikov and Michael Eschachner, and more than 40 Fam and Press Tours of strong markets such as China, Brazil, the USA, England, India, among others, reveal the public and private work.”

   In that regard, the National Deputy Secretary for Tourism Promotion Patricia Vismara indicated that “wine tourism produces an upward flow in the regional economies, favoured by public policies and national strategies to promote domestic and foreign markets, adding value to Argentinian enotourism and strengthening it to the world.”

   Before mentioning the distinctions, the ceremony was an occasion to outstand the predisposition of the Evaluation Committee of the “Best of” to evaluate and select the distinctions. The jury was composed by Osvaldo Roby; Alejandro Pulido; Ariel Roberts;      Darío Gallardo; Edmundo Day; Mariano Alguacil; Gilda Mezzatesta; Fausto Manrique; Claudio Barros; Karen Noval; Roberto Francese; Patricia Slukich; Federico Croce; Federico Manrique; Gema Gallardo; and the Notary Public Yael Romero Day.

   Specialized journalists and media in general added their contribution to broadcast the event and to bring the issue to the center of the stage for thousands of listeners, readers and viewers who came into contact with this initiative already traditional in our province and recognized in our country. Likewise, the National Queen of the Harvest Sofía Haudet graced the ceremony with her beauty and warmth.

   Knowing the value and stamp of tourism in Mendoza as one of the main and more profitable economic activities, the segment of wine tourism is particularly distinguished by a noticeable public-private synergy concentrating the effort of all the parties for constituting a global offer of products and services for Mendocinians, and for visitors from home and abroad.

   Best of Mendoza’s Wine Tourism 2015 took place today, just as the festival Tango and Wine Country Tour began, a traditional event organized by the Ministry of Culture of Mendoza. This festival has become the most important event in the region where the regional music and its close relation to wine can be enjoyed in shows in wineries, theatres and heritage places in our province.

Award Categories  

   It should be stressed that the evaluation stage of the applicants for the contest was attended by a notary public, whereas today the announcements of the winners for gold, silver and bronze awards in the various categories was through sealed and certified envelope before a notary public.   

   At an event that constituted a new record of nominations for this award gala, 83 presentations were made by wine entrepreneurs who competed in the following categories:  

Best accommodation in Wine Tourism in Mendoza

Gold: The Vines

Silver: Alpasion

Bronze: Antigua Residencia

Special mentions: Fuentemayor; Intercontinental

Best Restaurant in Wine Tourism

Gold: Andeluna

Silver: Dominio del Plata

Bronze: Siete Fuegos

Special mentions: Primula; Los Toneles

Architecture and Landscapes in Wine Tourism in Mendoza

Gold: Trapiche

Silver: Atamisque

Bronze: Entre Cielos

Special mentions: Renacer; Sinfín

Art and Culture in Wine Tourism

Gold: Monteviejo Wine Rock

Silver: Renacer

Bronze: Valentin Bianchi

Special mentions: Luigi Bosca; Fecovita

Innovative experiences of Wine Tourism

Gold: Rally de Las Bodegas

Silver: Salentein

Bronze: Vintura

Special mentions: Luigi Bosca; Tierra de Espumantes

Sustainable practices of Wine Tourism

Gold: Norton Winery

Silver: Altavista

Bronze: Dominio Busquet

Services related to Wine Tourism

Gold: Wine Republic Magazine

Silver: Aymará and Vintura

Bronze: Fisa Argentina and Kuak

Special mentions: Mendoza XD and Wine Expo Inter

Small Wineries (local category)

Gold: Cecchín Family

Silver: Carinae Cellars

Bronze: Giménez Riili

Special mentions: Otaviano Cellar; Bournet

Mendoza, host of the Great Wine Capitals Annual Meeting

   On the next 6 November, Mendoza will host this international meeting, which constitutes a great honor and a challenge to show the best of the enotouristic activity and to continue positioning the province in the country and in the world.  

   Different delegations of the member cities will arrive: Bilbao-La Rioja (Spain); Bordeaux (France); Cape Town (South Africa); Firenze (Italy); Mainz-Rheinhessen (Germany); Porto (Portugal); San Francisco-Napa Valley (the USA); Valparaíso and Casablanca Valley (Chile).

   “As Mendocinians, we are proud of being host of this international meeting and of knowing that for a week, Argentina will be the main place where the new trends regarding tourism, wine, gastronomy and communication will be discussed,” emphasized Javier Espina, Minister of Tourism in Mendoza.

   Activities at this level of importance are organized by the Mendoza Committee of the Great Wine Capitals composed of : Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Culture, Bodegas de Argentina, Fondo Vitivinícola Mendoza, Pro Mendoza Foundation, Congreso University, Maza University, Aconcagua University, Champagnat University, Mendoza University, Don Bosco Oenology and Food Science School, National Institute for Agricultural Technology (INTA), Institute for Rural Development (IDR), Association of Professionals on Oenology and Food of Argentina (APEAA), Wines of Argentina (WOFA), Association of Gastronomic, Hotel and Related areas Entrepreneurs, Argentine Association of Tourism and Travel Agencies (AAAVyT) National Wine Institute (INV), Tourism Hotels Association (AHT) and each and every municipality in Mendoza.   

   The main objectives of the Great Wine Capitals Network include: to promote international wine tourism and business, cultural and academic exchange among these important capitals.

   The work schedule is composed of different activities. For example: panels with local, national and international speakers; technical visits to the productive and wine tourism areas; international tastings with the best wines of the wine capitals arriving at Mendoza; international award gala, where the main trends on worldwide enotourism are highlighted. 

Mendoza has a Diploma Program on Malbec

   Among the announcements of the event, one of them was the launch and opening in March 2015 of a Diploma Program on Malbec, unique in our province, aimed at foreign students and professionals, oenophiles and tourists all over the world.  

   Such specialization emerged from a journey to China made last year by the governor of Mendoza, Francisco Pérez. After this journey and his subsequent contact and coordination to local universities, they started to work together to cover that education need for strengthening the promotion of Mendoza as an international university campus. 

   The Diploma Program on Malbec is an achievement reached thanks to the work carried out by seven universities in Mendoza, both public and private, which have coordinated activities and support the project with their education excellence.