The Guardian puts Porto on the list of the world’s Top 40 destinations to visit in 2015

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“We do love Lisbon, but Porto, Portugal’s second city, is going to be luring more visitors in 2015 as easyJet launches direct flights from Bristol, Luton and Manchester in April.”, says The Guardian.

In fact, easyjet is the second airline to establish a base in Porto, after Ryanair, with an investment of 100 million dollars, increasing even more the traffic in Porto’s airport which has reached an historical record in 2014.

“ Set on the banks of the Douro in the north of the country, Porto’s historic centre has been Unesco-listed since 1996 and is a picturesque mish-mash of medieval churches, cobbled lanes, pretty squares, steep steps and beautiful buildings tumbling down to the river. The birthplace of port, it’s a must for wine lovers, and recent years have witnessed something of a cultural renaissance with galleries, restaurants and boutiques opening – the city rebranded itself last year to convey its “youthful, cosmopolitan” side. The newly opened World of Discoveries museum and theme park is worth checking out – visitors can trace the journeys of past Portuguese explorers, with boat rides recreating their epic voyages to South America, Africa and Asia.” says the newspaper.

After having registered a estimate increase of over 13% in stays of foreign tourists and more 8% of flights in Porto’s airport in 2014, year in which Porto was elected European Best Destination, 2015 is kicking off with new dynamics and the pursuit of the development of the tourism related local economy, presently one of the most important to the city.

Besides Porto, another Portuguese destination is on the list of 40 destinations to visit in 2015 – the Azores.

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