Essência do Vinho Porto 2015, the main wine experience in Portugal, is back on the Bolsa Palace

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Between February 26 and March 1, Porto hosts another edition of the wine event Essência do Vinho Porto 2015. The event is held at Palácio da Bolsa featuring more than 3,000 wines from 350 domestic and foreign producers.

The Tourism Department of Porto City Council will participate in this event, recognized as "the main experience of wine in Portugal", in which it will make the announcement of the winners of the awards for excellence of the Great Wine Capitals Network, a network of wine capitals in which the Porto represents the demarcated wine regions of Port and Douro and of Vinho Verde: The Best Of Wine Tourism 2015.

And the winners are:

  • Douro Museum, International award in the category "Art and Culture"
  • BOEIRA: Portugal in a bottle, national award in the category "Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences"
  • Conceitus Winery Restaurant, national award in the category “Wine Restaurants”
  • Graham's 1890 Lodge, national award in the category "Wine Tourism Services"
  • Quinta da Faísca, national award in the category "Architecture and Landscape"
  • Quinta das Escomoeiras, national award in the category "Sustainable Practices"
  • The Wine House Hotel - Quinta da Pacheca, national award in the category "Accommodation"

The iPoint of Porto Tourism is located on the ground floor of the Bolsa Palace, near the entrance. Visit us!
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