International Tourists Choose Rioja

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The Rioja Regulatory Council recently released its Wine Tourism Observatory Report for 2019, a detailed study of the current state of wine tourism in the Rioja region, that includes the three zones of Alta, Alavesa and Oriental.

Among the most important conclusions of the report are:

Currently, 195 wineries are open to wine tourists.

These wineries received almost 860,000 visits, an increase of 5.9% over 2018, solidifying Rioja’s position as Spain’s leading wine tourism destination.
International visitors make up 36.8% of the total, a 5.3  percentage point increase over 2018. This is especially significant because these visitors spend more on average in the region and in the wineries’ shops than Spanish tourists.

According to the report, this figure is higher than the national average in Spanish wine regions and approaches that of France (42%).

The leading countries of origin of Rioja’s international visitors are the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.  

The report confirmed that Rioja’s promotional and PR activities both in Spain and leading international markets will continue to include wine tourism-related initiatives.

In addition, throughout  2020, the Board will carry out seminars and workshops for Rioja wineries, emphasizing tourism and digital transformation, corporate tourism, attracting premium wine tourists and promoting family tourism.