Back to the roots: From the metropolis to the countryside, from television to wine

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Born and raised in Westhofen, a small village in Rheinhessen, Katharina Wechsler made it to no less a place than the German capital Berlin. Living the big dream – you wouldn’t imagine a more exciting career. As a television editor, Katharina experienced the creative world of television at close quarters. At some point, however, her roots seemed to call for her, for she found her way back to the vineyards in which she had grown up and to the centuries-old family tradition of wine.

After having single-handedly turned her family’s winery into one of the leading wineries in the region in 2011, she has now been the fully responsible owner of a 17-hectare company in the old centre of Westhofen since 2017.  In harmony with her rediscovered passion for wine, she now gives free rein to her inventiveness. Her wine collection: a composition of creativity, where her wines are divided under the names of “Herkunft” (“Origin”), “Changes” and “Fräulein Hu” (“Miss Hu”). Among the wines of “Changes” you will find wines that Katharina particularly appreciates and that convey all her stylistic diversity.

Katharina Wechsler

From television to the vineyards. What made you decide to take the lateral entry?
Katharina Wechsler: I saw no future in my old job as a television editor and longed for a task with more depth. In 2009, when I decided to return from Berlin to Westhofen, my parents’ winery was a pure cask wine business. I saw the potential in the vineyards in the best sites of Westhofen and wanted to make my own wine. Our vineyards are located on very calcareous soils and with the site “Westhofener Benn” we even have a monopoly. My passion for the winemaking profession was further developed during my visit to the winemaking school in Oppenheim and internships at the KP Keller winery.

Do you see parallels between the professional fields of television and viticulture?
Katharina Wechsler: In my opinion, there is almost no other profession more diverse than winemaking. Starting from the work in the vineyard with the changing seasons of the year to the cellar work and the decisions how to blend the wines, marketing and distribution: versatility at its best. The job as a television editor has never been so varied. In a nutshell, the subject of wine is one of the most beautiful in the world!

What makes your wine special?
Katharina Wechsler: My wines are elegant and precise. The calcareous soil on which my vines grow must be present. But I also like to experiment with different wine styles, e.g. orange wines. I love such experiments.
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