Wine and new opportunities

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Working with wine means certainly working in contact with nature and the territory, and dealing with a global market that grows every day. That’s why a lot of people have decided to change completely their life, starting a brand new career.

The wine supply chain involves many different work positions between tradition and innovation: from the enologist to the agronomist, from the winemaker to the sommelier, up to the most recent figures like the wine tour guide or the wine blogger. 

Very interesting is the story of Gabriele Dalcanale, owner with the wife Miriam of the winery La Dama, located in Valpolicella, an important production wine zone in Verona. Miriam started her career working for her father’s company, in the IT sector, while Gabriele started to work as a researcher for the University of Trento. Lately, he had the chance to work for some important wineries in Trento and in Bardolino, where he could learn all the different aspects of the wine production.

In 2006 Gabriele and Miriam decided to buy two hectares of DOC Valpolicella grapes in the municipality of Negrar. Their life changed completely: from being employees, they found themselves leading their own activity. Today the couple has a ten hectares company with a wonderful winery, where they produce around 50.000 bottles every year, exported in more than 20 countries all around the world.

Chiara Tosi also decided to turn upside-down her life with a completely different job.

After working as a manager for a multinational company for ten years, in 2012 she created her business with the goal of raising awareness about Italian wealthy wine and food. This has been possible thanks to several activities: promotion, trainings, and support sale for Italian companies.

She decided to quit her job to pursue her true passion, creating also a proper tailored profession for herself: the food&wine personal shopper. This means to cuddle each tourist, showing him the wine and food’s jewels of the territory and teaching him to recognize the quality products at the same time. As a matter of fact, Chiara and her team organize exclusive wine and food experiences for demanding clients, experiences that became the company's logo and brand and - above all - a chance to know deeply Italian food, history, traditions and wine production techniques.