A woman who took the reins of tourism in Valparaiso Casablanca Valley

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In Valparaíso Casablanca Valley there are many women who stand out in the field of wine tourism and wine service. The story of Andrea Rebolledo, Tourism Manager of Tapihue Wines is a great reference, how to customize the service and detect empathy as the best tool to give tourists an unforgettable experience. 

Andrea has been in the area of tourism for more than 20 years, where she has been able to see the progress of Casablanca Valley and also the tourists who visit us.

1) Tell us a little about yourself and your history. How did you get to dedicate yourself to wine tourism? 

My history in tourism starts with a venture that my family made 20 years ago, I started working in an equestrian resort that rescues Chilean traditions, when only Casablanca Valley began its tourist peak with the arrival of the first cruise ships to the port from Valparaiso. Later 6 years ago, I started to be part of Tapihue Wines, where I work as Tourism and National Sales Manager.

2) What has been your experience working as Tourism Manager in Casablanca Valley? 


It has been an enriching experience, since in the 20 years that I have been part of this industry, I have been learning more and more to interact with tourists, I have had multiple experiences with groups of passengers from different parts of the world, knowing their culture, Different personalities and life stories. Contact with people has allowed me to exchange knowledge where each passenger is a different experience and story. 


3) What have been the biggest challenges you have encountered in the area of tourism, which have allowed you to grow and strengthen as a professional? 


The main challenge has been to have ability to reinvent our tourism day by day, tourists are looking for new experiences, they not only want to know a nice place, taste or buy a good wine, but also want to have an integral experience during their visit, enjoy landscape, visit places that turn their production process towards sustainable practices and care for the environment. Casablanca Valley has a beautiful geography that allows passengers to enjoy the native flora and fauna of the place.


4) What tools of your personality and way of being do you think have been key to training as a tourism professional? 


I have always tried to put myself in the place of the passenger who visits us, thinking about what experience I would like to have in the place that I am going to visit, I worry about the small details, to make a difference in the service towards tourists. I believe that empathy with the client is one of the key factors when interacting with them, although it is true you can visit an incredible place, but if the attention is not up to the place, the visit is not so interesting and attractive.


5) What is your secret to generate ecotourism experiences that will enchant the tourists who visit the vineyard? 


Our secret has always been to receive our tourists with a smile, together with my team, we enjoy our work, we do it with passion, respect and commitment, attitude that our tourists notice when we know our vineyards. We try as much as possible that the visit is an experience, which the tourist can count on their return to their country and we try to treat them in a close way by sharing with them the day to day that we live in the wonderful place where we work. 


6) What potential do you see in the Casablanca Valley as a world ecotourism destination?


Casablanca valley is located in a privileged geographical area of our country, between two of the most important tourist attraction poles, Santiago de Chile as capital and Valparaíso as a world heritage site, we also have a proximity to the port of San Antonio, wich has become a new cruise ship docking port in our country, Casablanca is characterized not only by being a wine valley but also by having multiple attractions typical of the culture of our country, development of handicrafts and gastronomic products typical of area. 


7) How can you combine our characteristic wines to be a cold weather valley and the experiences that tourists can live in Valparaíso Casablanca Valley? 


In addition to being surrounded by a unique landscape in the world, Valparaiso has developed a very important gastronomy, most of the restaurants in Valparaiso, have pairing of their dishes with our wines, being a port, its restaurants have varied fish dishes and Seafood, which makes a perfect combination with our whites and cold weather reds.