Casa Vigil from Mendoza in Michelin Voyage Guide

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The renowned Michelin Guide of France put Casa Vigil among its recommended

The important Michelin Guide of gastronomy and travel, of France recommended on this end of the year Casa Vigil, the restaurant of Chachingo, Maipú, where the famous winemaker Alejandro Vigil produces El Enemigo. The restaurant had already been distinguished this year as the best restaurant in the winery of Argentina in the Great World Capitals Best Of contest.

The authors of the Michelin Verts Guides travel all over the world to find the most beautiful sites and the best offers, they say in their edition of the favorites of 2017, and published in its edition that covers the whole world this 100% Mendoza enterprise, which positioned the "Republic of Chachingo.

Located in Videla Aranda 7008, in the district of Chachingo, Maipú (Mendoza) a whole team is behind Vigil, starting with his wife, María Sance, the chef Santiago Mestre, the gastronomic manager Federico Pettit, and the "all-rounder" Constanza Hartung, who make going to eat at Casa Vigil (formerly called El Enemigo) are a unique experience, where wine is lived from its cellar and on the edge of the vineyard, in a very special way.

The importance of this recognition is that this publication is awarded by the recognized "Michelin stars", something like the Oscar to Gastronomy and the most recognized Chefs in the world.