Strategies to minimize climate change effects in Douro viticulture

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Aware of climate change impact on the wine sector, since a few years researchers have been developing pioneering studies and projects that allow them to anticipate scenarios and establish models adapted to new global circumstances.

One of the strategic themes for ADVID (Association for the Development of Douro Viticulture) is precisely the impact of climate change on Douro Demarcated Region Viticulture.


The goals are:

  • Anticipate climate change scenarios and impacts for the Douro Region;
  • Assess the impact on vine productivity and the quality of the wines obtained;
  • Mitigate climate change effects;
  • Management of water relations of the grapevine and modelling soil/plant relations.


Within this strategic line, one of the projects leveraged was: Short term mitigation strategies regarding climate change in the Mediterranean wine sector – ClimVineSafe

The purpose of the ClimVineSafe project is to develop a model for forecasting climate changes at the scale of the Demarcated Region of the Douro, and to study short term cultural strategies to minimize the effects of such climate changes in Mediterranean viticulture.

A few studies were published within the scope of the project ClimVineSafe, coordinated by the University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, in a partnership with the University of Aveiro and ADVID, which can be accessed through the following links.


Papers and Publications:


Source: ADVID