Just grab a glass and enjoy, whenever, wherever!

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SPLIT is a brand belonging to the Vinko company which, in turn, is the result of the partnership between three entrepreneurial friends and a group of companies belonging to a family linked to the wine sector for the past fifteen generations.

As regular wine consumers, these entrepreneurs felt that there were several times when they wanted to drink a glass of wine, but they could not because of the drinking logistics was not adequate, because they had different tastes from other people or simply because it was not available.

In this way, they looked for solutions that adapted to a more modern lifestyle and that enabled a personalized drinking, adapted to the needs of each one.

They found the perfect solution in France: a ready-to-drink wine cup of 187ml in an unbreakable package that is easy to carry and guarantees a very similar drinking experience to the traditional wine glass cup.

This way, they challenged the already established partners in the sector and created the company with the aim of providing Portuguese wine to be consumed anytime and anywhere.

The main raw material of the glass, PET, has a set of characteristics that make it the right choice for this type of concept. It allows a drinking feeling very similar to the traditional cup made of glass, it is a transparent material, light, rigid and recyclable. The fact that it is unbreakable is a plus for all the times when using a cup made of glass is not safe. In addition, wine preservation is perfect in a cup for a certain time and its evolution very positive.

SPLIT is a term for the Anglo-Saxon wine jargon, little known elsewhere, which means a quarter of a bottle, exactly the size of each SPLIT. The term also means dividing the bottle into four different cups, and thereby sharing the simple and unique moments of your life by drinking your wine of choice.

There is no perfect location or moment for drinking SPLIT. All moments are good whether we feel like relaxing, socializing or celebrating.


WIT, an abbreviation for Wine In Tube, is a new format developed for packaging wines in single dose cups. Screen-printed glass tubes that support this format provide the products with a stylish and exquisite design perfect for gift and experience packs.

Barão de Vilar was one of the first companies in Portugal to adopt this format for its Port Wines, applied in the national and international markets, under its brands BARÃO DE VILAR, MAYNARD'S, and FEUERHEERD'S.

Barão de Vilar sells the integrated WITS in luxury packs, including explanation of the wine and its main categories, as well as service recommendations and gastronomic pairing suggestions for each one of the categories. The product has been able to offer the consumer vertical tastings of Port Wine, as well as the possibility to try unique wines for a symbolic price!

In a partnership with Wine Spiritus, in Portugal this product is available at Luxury Hotels, Gourmet shops, wine shops, Corporate and Wedding gifts.