Passionate handwork & sensible use of machinery in Rheinhessen and Mainz

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Four o’clock in the morning. It is pitch dark in the vineyards. In the middle of it are the bright headlights of the grape harvester. The driver is at work with maximum concentration and a great deal of skill. Precise, efficient and reliable, this high-tech system guarantees quality and is irreplaceable when many grapes have to be harvested in a short time. And with daylight, the day begins for the harvest teams. Multicultural are the groups that use all their senses and are highly motivated to get to work for the wineries.

They perform the decisive manual work when healthy, ripe, aromatic grapes are harvested for high-quality wines. This demanding work takes several weeks, with full commitment and great endurance, even if the days get long. They all share a passion for wine and the will to get the best out of the vineyards in Rheinhessen.

The grape harvest in Rheinhessen is characterised by the combination of tradition and modernity which is portayed in the balanced application of machines and manual work. The film by Rheinhessenwein e.V. depicts this beautifully and shows in powerfull images that in every drop of wine there lies the passion of dedicated grape pickers. Watching the film you can feel the tension between the challenge of nature and the happiness of being succsessful in every second.