The perfect place for a glass of wine, Porto!

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If you are looking for a destination for your holidays and taking your friends, and if one of your requirements is wine, then Porto is the perfect city.

Imagine yourself in a summer afternoon, tired after visiting the tourist attractions that Porto offers, going to Ribeira to have a glass of wine and rest before dinner.

Ribeira do Porto, right at the heart of the World Heritage Site, next to the river that bathes Porto, Douro river, simmers with the approach of the night... where one can smell the grilled fish, iscas de bacalhau (fried codfish in batter), tripas à moda do Porto, the sauce of Francesinha thickening. The terraces on the river Douro beckons you to sit, enjoying the magnificent view over the banks of the river Douro and the magnificent Bridge Luis I.

Already on the terrace, ask for the wine list and choose a Vinho Verde or white wine from the Douro Valley, or a fresh cocktail of Port wine and quietly let yourself be carried away with the dusk.

If these arguments about Porto and about the wines from Porto, Douro and Vinhos Verdes, aroused your curiosity, invite your friends and have fun in Porto.

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