Sustainability, a motto for Douro and Vinho Verde wine regions

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Most wine producers in both Douro and Vinho Verde wine regions are very aware of the importance of environmental, social and economic sustainability in wine and tourism related activities, and are fully committed with it.

Combining century-old methods with new and innovative techniques and using cutting edge technology, they are making sure to contribute to the preservation and promotion of the vitality and sustainability of the territory.

There are several projects that showcase that concern, in every step of the way, from the vine to the glass, and regarding the different aspects within the concept of sustainability: viticulture and biodiversity, energy production and consumption, water and waste recycling, involving and contributing to the community.

A few examples are noteworthy, for the innovation, boldness, impact on the community, international recogniton, some of which, inclusively, have been awarded by the Great Wine Capitals for complying with the best sustainable practices.

  • Casa do Rio (Quinta do Vallado) –This project devotes special attention to the preservation of existing ecosystems and the local economy, promoting local and regional raw materials. It is all about being in communion with nature and blending in the landscape. Quinta do Vallado has increasingly invested on organic farming to develop its wine-making project, and gradually eliminated the use of herbicides, pesticides and other polluting agents, looking for an ecological balance.  They play also an important social role, by supporting disadvantaged children, thus continuing the Ferreira’s family tradition.
  • Six Senses Douro Valley – Sustainability underpins their every day decisions at all levels: how the land is used to grow food organically, the management of energy and waste, the efforts to conserve water and source local and seasonal ingredients for the resort’s menus. On the other hand the involment of the local community by employing local workers and by supporting several social works.
  •  Sandeman (awarded Best Of Wine Tourism for their accommodation in 2019) - has recently been given a gold medal by BRIT (Botanical Research Institute of Texas) sustainable awards, for their outstanding ground-to-glass sustainability program. 
  • Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo – awarded 2017 BOWT in sustainable wine tourism practices, shows their commitment and involvement  at different levels: environmental, social, sectoral.
  •  Monverde Wine Experience Hotel – Awarded 2018 BOWT in sustainable practices, after being also awarded in diferente other categories, makes every effort to act in full respect for nature and to minimize its impact both on the environment and on the landscape.
  • Symington Family Estates (owner of Quinta do Bomfim – 2017 BOWT in wine Tourism Services), has created an Impact Fund, which will be used to support charitable causes in the regions where it owns its farms. The focus areas are three: community welfare and health, environmental protection and conservation and cultural heritage and education. The company is pursuing an ambitious sustainability strategy called Mission 2025.
  • Real Companhia Velha (owner of the 17.56 MUSEU & ENOTECA – 2020 BOWT in Art & Culture) - the oldest company in the Douro, was recognized by the Institute of Douro and Port Wine for its work in the recovery of the indigenous varieties of the Douro, some of which are unknown and others almost on the verge of extinction, all of this integrated in a wider project which holds sustainability as a determining factor in interventions in the vineyard.