Best places in Verona to enjoy a glass of wine with friends

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Plunge into the Masi world. Take a 360˚ full immersion into the history, the land and the culture that have given rise to its famous wines. An experience in an experience, to get to know about some of the finest products from the province of Verona, in detail. This is the idea behind the Wine Discovery Museum, the discovery centre at the heart of Tenuta Canova, the Masi property just a few steps from the shores of Lake Garda in the hinterland of Lazise. Here the visitor is welcomed with a multimedia tour through viticulture and winemaking technique, told through the story of the Boscaini family and modern-day Masi. The centre of the museum is a 50,000-litre vat where fermentation can be experienced in front of your eyes. Not just a learning experience, but an exciting and immersive reality which has won the ‘Best of Wine Tourism Award 2018’ in the “Innovative Experiences in Wine Tourism” category of the competition organised by the prestigious ‘Great Wine Capitals’ network, which includes in its membership the city of Verona.

The visit continues with a guided tour of the vineyards, of the grape drying (appassimento) rooms and the cellars where Masi matures the famous Campofiorin, an icon of international winemaking. Finishing the tour, there is also a visit to the Tenuta’s wine bar, Vino e Cucina, where Masi’s best wines can be tasted, paired with dishes inspired by regional cuisine and presented with an eye to seasonal variation.

The full Masi Wine Experience, at Tenuta Canova, including the Wine Discovery Museum, can be booked for any day.



Following the enthusiastic success of previous seasons, Cantina Rocca Sveva’s estate vineyard will once again be the stylish venue for L’APERITIVO, the Verona-area’s nonpareil “Aperitif Experience”.

On eight Wednesdays, from 7.30 to 10.30pm, May through September, we will repeat this successful event, with our Aperitif experience attracting hundreds of guests for sold-out attendances at each single event of the series, designed for a select public, the best location to taste wine with friends.

The event is truly exclusive, with only a certain number of places available for each date. Guests will be given a privileged discovery adventure of this now-famed winery, enjoying the opportunity to savour exceptional wines in a breath-taking panorama while the sun sets slowly over the medieval Castello di Soave.

Through these Aperitivi at Rocca Sveva, the Cantina is proud to celebrate Made in Italy and, in a larger sense, Italy’s famed lifestyle, composed of fine wines and food, elegant entertainment, and trend-setting culture.

The Rocca Sveva wines, gems of the priceless Verona winemaking tradition, are the true stars of each Aperitivo, inseparably together with Settecento33 sparkling wine, another of the Cantina’s iconic wines.

“Five years ago, when we launched the Aperitivi to promote the Cantina and our great wines,” commented Bruno Trentini, General Director of Cantina di Soave, “we knew that we were introducing something new and unprecedented on our local wine scene. What we didn’t even suspect was how successful this idea would be, how much enthusiasm it would arouse, and how many imitators it would inspire. And so, today, we are immensely proud, because of how much good this does for the world of wine.”