Development of Wine Tourism around the Great Wine Capitals wine regions: new Business strategies?

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On the occasion of Vinexpo 2015, the Great Wine Capitals Global Network and the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be hosting a conference with the objective to give an overview of the various wine tourism activities and performances in the Networks member regions.

We will focus on the tourism impact of major wine tourism hubs. 4 guest speakers will present the key figures and facts of the ‘Tourism development in the Great Wine Capitals’.

Dr. Chris Faugère, Senior Professor of Finance at BEM-KEDGE will talk about the dimensions of performance in wine tourism. Based on an international study done by Great Wine Capitals in 2015 and joint research, Dr. Faugère will contrast the performance of Bordeaux against other international wine capitals. Several topics will be touched upon. What are some interesting sociological characteristics of owners in the wine tourism industry? What are the areas wineries are investing into to grow their wine tourism business internationally? What strategies are used to enhance tourists’ visits and spending across different regions?

Three study cases will additionally highlight the conference with examples from three Great Wine Capitals:

Jorge Diaz, General Manager Gran Cruz, Founder of Douro Museum Foundation will give insight into wine tourism practices in the Douro area, emphasizing the activities of the Douro Museum to support wine tourism on the territories.

Mr. Santiago Vivanco, General Manager Museo de la Cultura del Vino, Vice President of the Fundación Vivanco, will develop the weight of a company investment in a major cultural hub and its impact on the local wine tourism development.

Mr. Olivier Kollek, Marketing Manager, Fondation pour la culture et les civilisations du vin, will present the future « Cité des civilisations du vin » that will open in Bordeaux in 2016 and its expected impact on the attractiveness of Bordeaux and the wine regions around. The conference will take place on Wednesday, June 17th, 2:30 at the Bordeaux Convention Centre during Vinexpo, the International Wine & Spirit exhibition.


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