Outdoor activities in Valparaíso Casablanca Valley

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Valparaíso Casablanca Valley offers tourists many activities to enjoy as a couple, with friends or as a family. Nature and incredible landscapes are strong point of our wine country, for this reason vineyards offer excursions to enjoy every second the contact with vines, air and environment.

One of favorite activities is to make bicycle excursions, within which you can tour vineyards, facilities or go from vineyard to vineyard. Also, in some wineries, due to their geographical disposition, they offer trekking routes, in which they can trek through the hills and get into nature of the Casablanca Valley.

In Valparaíso Casablanca Valley you can also do night activities. In Estancia El Cuadro an activity called Stellar Paring is developed, which was the winner in the Best Of Wine Tourism 2019. This consists of a dinner paired with a stellar theme, since the dishes and their decoration is based on  constellations. Later, you can see stars through telescopes arranged in vineyard garden, where guided by astronomy professionals can discover the constellations and know the Milky Way.

Casablanca is one of the towns included in bird watching route, so in addition to hiking, trekking, hiking and constellation contemplation activities, you can spend a large part of the day observing different bird species.

Valparaíso Casablanca Valley offers a large number of outdoor panoramas, allowing tourists and visitors to connect with nature and enjoy the benefits of our World Wine Capital.