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September 14, 2020 to September 30, 2020

Food and Wine South Australia September 2020 is a chance for people and companies from all over the globe to discover South Australia's truly remarkable food, wine and agtech capabilities.

Opportunities await for people and companies from all over the globe to discover South Australia’s truly remarkable food, wine and agtech capabilities.

You can engage with industry leaders and hear about new trends in the digitisation of the supply chain; from seaweed to hemp, hear about South Australia's research on the latest food trends and learn about South Australia's success stories as a leading food manufacturing destination.

Read more and register here: Food & Wine South Australia, September 2020

Topics that will be addressed:

  • Grow your Exports: Learn about South Australia's success stories as a leading food manufacturing destination - Sept 14th
  • Tech-driven changes in wine: The importance of technology and ecommerce for the future of global wine sales - Sept 17th
  • Monumental growth in Agtech: South Australia has distinct offerings on welcoming international technology companies to trial their products in our state - Sept 22nd
  • Creating Abundance from Scarcity: Providing climate independent resources to support horticultural growth. Why companies have chosen to set up in South Australia to meet Australian and international market demands - Sept 23rd
  • Power to the Plants: Discover South Australia's research focus on the latest food trend in plant and vegetable based protein, seaweed and hemp - Sept 24th
  • Provenance and Authenticity in Wine and Food Tourism: Meet South Australian personalities in unique regions discussing authenticity and provenance - Sept 30th

The OIV jointly with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) invites speakers from around the world to assess the impact of COVID-19 on wine tourism, to think about which innovative solutions are put in place as well as some collective strategies that shall be adopted. 

Topics that will be addressed:

Watch the event live: Innovating in wine tourism in the context of COVID-19.

Welcome to Mainz and Rheinhessen.
Due to the pandemic evolution, we have to announce the postponement of the Annual Conference. The dates in 2021 will be october 24th till october 29th! Then the Great Wine Capital Mainz | Rheinhessen invites you to discover our city and our region – and to celebrate wine culture with us!

Mainz, member of Great Wine Capitals since 2008 is bursting with culture and history, which is artfully blended within this vibrant city. The state capital of Rhineland-Palatinate is renowned for its Carnival and wine celebrations and famed for Johannes Gutenberg who introduced the printing press to Europe. Mainz is also the gateway to Germany’s largest wine-growing region – Rheinhessen with 26,500 hectares of vineyards, confined to the north and east by a great bend in the Rhine River.  Its wine makers are known for their innovation. And, of course, for their Riesling wines! The flavour of the Riesling grape is heavily influenced by the soil in which it is grown. It gives the wine a complexity due to its mouth-watering character and minerality.

Our  famous Riesling wine, the variety of pinot wines and our “wild card”, the Scheurebe grape, can be tasted in one of many famous wine bars around the city. The numerous taverns, wineries, wine shops, bars and restaurants of Mainz are also known for great food.

During our next International Annual Conference, you’ll be able to follow a program dedicated to wine, wine tourism and business development with several conferences, visits and tastings.
Join our program and you will feel like a local. You will get the chance to meet various winemakers, gastronomers, hoteliers and other professionals and potential partners during conferences, tastings and technical tours.

Save the date and discover how Mainz and Rheinhessen celebrate wine culture!
October 24-29, 2021

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