Perfect escape for lovers in Verona!

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Romantic escape? Verona is where to go!

Romeo and Juliet town is incredibly charming, and offers everything you may desire from an Italian wine destination. Around St. Valentine’s day the city hosts a lot of events and initiatives devoted to love. Within walking distance of the historic centre you can easily reach a winery that is situated on the top of the Torricelle, the hilly area overlooking Verona: Corte San Mattia.

While being immersed in rural tranquillity, the winery, with restaurant and accommodation offers an incredible view over the beautiful city’s rooftops and monuments.   In the summer the echoes from the operas taking place in the Arena reach the winery and during the year the gentle music of the fields joins the sound of the bell towers.

 The surrounding countryside produces wine, olive oil and many other organic products. The agritourism is connected with the Winery Giovanni Ederle; thanks to that they organize guided tours in the vineyards and tastings of their wines, which reflect the excellence of Valpolicella.

Our romantic journey will continue visiting Valpolicella. This is the hilly region north-west of Verona between the town and Lake Garda. The name Valpolicella has probably Roman origins in the words Valle poli cellae, in Latin “valley of the many cellars”, proving the ancient wine making tradition of this area. Here a sweet and very concentrated red wine was produced (probably close to the Recioto that is still produced today) called Acinatico or Retico, that the Romans drunk with water and spices. Even if Valpolicella is known all over the world for its famous wines, especially the Amarone, its territory is made of beautiful landscapes, sweet hills that become mountains as you move north, valleys with old villages, gorgeous villas, medieval churches, making it a tourist destination in its own. Many Valpolicella wineries are open to visitors and offer guided winery tours to the vineyards and cellars followed by a tasting of their products: Valpolicella Classico, Valpolicella Superiore, Recioto, the sweet desert wine, and of course the Amarone, the “King of Valpolicella”, one of the finest wines in Italy.

Among these, the Serego Alighieri estate, belonging to direct descendants of Dante the Poet, who have lived in Valpolicella since 1353, offers a dip into the archive of this noble family and their lives in the Valpolicella area. The Serego Alighieri Estate offers the chance to stay overnight in the historic Foresteria, redesigned to contain eight appartments which are decorated in the traditional style of country gentlefolk. Also available are rooms suitable for events and conferences with a professional kitchen fully equipped for courses and the discovery of the tastes and aromas of the natural products of the Estate and the surrounding area, all matched appropriately with the wine. Wine tastings can be paired with traditional food and local specialties. Due to the cooperation with Masi, world leading Amarone producer, it is possible to taste and buy the whole range of Masi and Serego Alighieri wines, along with wines from a number of great Amarone vintages.   

Vineyards, villas, parishes, castles, yards, wine cellars and lively local festivals: all this can be found on the Veronese area, in a romantic trip we also suggest to discover the east of the province (Soave), a territory characterized by fine wines and enchanted atmospheres.  Here in the shadow of the majestic medieval Castello di Soave, right up against the castle’s ancient walls, lies Borgo Rocca Sveva, a hamlet built in the Middle Ages which has been transformed by Cantina di Soave into a prestigious centre of wine culture. With its picturesque cellars, elegant Wine Shop, flourishing botanical garden, and experimental vineyard, it represents, in fact, a unique tribute to that culture, with an extraordinary amalgam of history, tradition and quality. Today, it is the home of the Rocca Sveva wines and classic-method sparkling wines, an extremely limited-production selection of absolute quality products. Beauty is what the visitor will find, too, in strolling through the cellars among enormous oak ovals, and endless rows of wine barrels, where the wines rest for many years. Borgo Rocca Sveva is not just a place to visit, but it is an adventure that should be personally experienced, as it offers many special events, including romantic tastings, to delight its visitors.