toscana igt

Here we are at about six and a half on the lawn in front of the beautiful residence of Borgo Scopeto Relais, a truly exceptional place, with large stylish and well-appointed rooms, and spacious well-groomed lawns outside, with areas for conversation and relaxation.

I'm checking into a room secluded and quiet to read a book while the eye comes out every now and then towards the azure pool that reflects the green of the cypresses and the light gray of the sky from which it begins to leak some glimpse of light blue.

We are welcomed by girls: they look like the Amazons, young and beautiful, professional and with a strong personality.

Sabine is of Danish origin, with long blond hair and typically foreign gab but a very good Italian. She is the reception manager.

Cecilia Leoneschi is the winemaker, black hair tied back and slightly disheveled by the wind, with blacks curls and striking contour that give her a distinct Arabic appearance.

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