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- I think that this might be our exit but I’m not sure-, I said tentatively. I could never tell whether the signs indicated an exit or a service area. I’m not a very good navigator and Italian road signs got the better of me every time.  

- What does the sign say?-, my husband Sean asked.

- Cortona. But it has a petrol pump next to the name so I don’t know if it’s a service area or an exit.

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It may take a little bit of effort to really appreciate the wines of Tuscany but match it with the delicious food from this beautiful wine region and you will both be happy.



Florence, a capital of wine and food

Åsa Johansson

Even after twelve years I am still stunned by the Florentine beauty. Luckily you never get used to it. Another thing that I really like about the city, since I’m a wine lover, is that all roads from Florence lead to a winery. Take a road you don’t know and you can be sure that at the end of the day you’ll be sipping wine somewhere in the countryside. So I guess calling Florence a wine capital isn’t exaggerated.

A two-layered city

Here we are at about six and a half on the lawn in front of the beautiful residence of Borgo Scopeto Relais, a truly exceptional place, with large stylish and well-appointed rooms, and spacious well-groomed lawns outside, with areas for conversation and relaxation.

I'm checking into a room secluded and quiet to read a book while the eye comes out every now and then towards the azure pool that reflects the green of the cypresses and the light gray of the sky from which it begins to leak some glimpse of light blue.

La Rufina: Trebbio Castle

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 Impressed With “Farm To Table Concept” of Toscana Restaurant- So Many Tempting Dishes on the Menu

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