Aug 31, 2022

Great Wine Capitals webinar: Successful branding for wine tourism

The role of branding in building competitive advantage, customer attention, loyalty and engagement is widely known. In wine (tourism), consumers’ minds and attitudes are bombarded by many brands. Including: the wine destination brand, the wine label brand, the winery brand, the grape variety brand. These brands are also owned and managed by different stakeholders, who may also have different (and sometimes conflicting) interests. Discover how to build successful branding in wine tourism.


This GWC webinar brought together eminent wine (tourism) experts to share their knowledge on how to develop, build and manage brands in wine tourism in order to influence consumer behaviour and decision-making. The experts represented professionals from major wine destinations belonging to the ‘Great Wine Capitals Global Network’ who shared experiences and best practices coming from their own region.

The webinar addressed the following key questions:

  • How do you build positive and constructive inter-relations between wine destination brands, wine label brands, winery Brand and grape variety brands
  • How can you best manage and develop collaborations and synergies in wine destination between the owners of the various wine related brands?
  • How can conflicts and power relations be managed between Brand owners in wine destinations?
  • How can a wine destination maintain customer engagement with its destination brand during the COVID-19 enforced travel restrictions inhibiting consumers to visit and experience the wine destination?
  • What should be the brand positioning and value proposition of a wine destination in the post COVID-19 era?



Marianna Sigala, Moderator

Marianna Sigala, University of South Australia





Adela Pereira Alvarez (Bilbao | Rioja), Expert in Branding and Digital Marketing
Peter Joy, (Adelaide), Chair, Barossa Grape and Wine Association
Mike Ratcliffe, (Cape Town), Chair of the Stellenbosch Wine Routes
Carlos Brito (Porto), President of the Observatory of Port Wine