November 3, 2018 to November 9, 2018

This vibrant city and its supporting 18 wine regions will welcome the delegates to South Australia, a destination that comprises the most ancient soils on earth, the oldest continuously producing vines, a diverse array of coastal, hillside, and valley sites, and increasingly understands the special confluence of location, history, geology and culture that shapes the evolution of distinctive wine, memorable experiences and great gastronomy.

Here, new innovation rubs shoulders with old ways; seventh generation vigneron mix with new, millennial start-ups; 150 year old ancestor vines vie with new alternative varieties, and fine wine collectables share the same table with bio-dynamic, next generation funk. Add in a dynamic restaurant and bar scene that artfully blends old with new, and east with west, and you have a wildly-fermenting starter culture of its own!

The common thread that holds this exuberant story together is simple: a proud inheritance that we are determined to maintain in a sustainable way, and a natural desire to continue to challenge, explore, learn and share.

Adelaide, South Australia: Welcome to Old World; New World; Our World.




Primo Estate in McLaren Vale has won the Architecture and Landscape category in South Australia’s inaugural Best of Wine Tourism Awards. The awards were held as part of Adelaide’s membership of the Great Wine Capitals Global Network.

September 14, 2020 to September 30, 2020

Food and Wine South Australia September 2020 is a chance for people and companies from all over the globe to discover South Australia's truly remarkable food, wine and agtech capabilities.

Opportunities await for people and companies from all over the globe to discover South Australia’s truly remarkable food, wine and agtech capabilities.

You can engage with industry leaders and hear about new trends in the digitisation of the supply chain; from seaweed to hemp, hear about South Australia's research on the latest food trends and learn about South Australia's success stories as a leading food manufacturing destination.

Read more and register here: Food & Wine South Australia, September 2020

Topics that will be addressed:

  • Grow your Exports: Learn about South Australia's success stories as a leading food manufacturing destination - Sept 14th
  • Tech-driven changes in wine: The importance of technology and ecommerce for the future of global wine sales - Sept 17th
  • Monumental growth in Agtech: South Australia has distinct offerings on welcoming international technology companies to trial their products in our state - Sept 22nd
  • Creating Abundance from Scarcity: Providing climate independent resources to support horticultural growth. Why companies have chosen to set up in South Australia to meet Australian and international market demands - Sept 23rd
  • Power to the Plants: Discover South Australia's research focus on the latest food trend in plant and vegetable based protein, seaweed and hemp - Sept 24th
  • Provenance and Authenticity in Wine and Food Tourism: Meet South Australian personalities in unique regions discussing authenticity and provenance - Sept 30th

Adelaide, South Australia is a charming city, its easy layout with wide streets and grid design is highlighted by beautifully designed modern and historical buildings. The parklands, a protected strip of green space, surround the city and several city squares further reinforce the sense of open space. Wherever you are in this great city, you are only five minutes’ walk away from green space and fresh air. 

South Australia is indisputably Australia’s wine state, producing 50% of all bottled wine and 80% of premium wine. It makes sense then that some of Australia's best dining experiences are found in Adelaide, one of the Great Wine Capitals of the world. 

The 18 wines regions of Adelaide, South Australia are home to over 50% of Australia’s wine grape production, and over 80% of Australia’s premium wines are produced in South Australia. It’s no wonder that the University of Adelaide is the most renowned school for winemakers and viticulturists in Australia.

COVID-19 has necessitated plenty of innovation in the digital space. Here are three ways wineries are communicating with their customers in the Corona virus era.

A new $50 million six-star luxury hotel and day spa will be built at Seppeltsfield in the Barossa Valley.

The 12-storey hotel, called Oscar Seppeltsfield, is being built by Luxury Hotels Australia Pty Ltd which is made up of a group of South Australian business leaders.

Project spokesman Toby Yap says the hotel will attract new markets to the region and drive growth in domestic and international visitor economy, while creating an additional 363 construction jobs and 350 ongoing jobs for the region once operational.

Clare Valley brothers Damon and Jonathan Koerner have been recognised with one of industry’s top awards, the Young Guns of Wine.

Our World has suddenly entered a difficult period. The covid-19 virus is changing our lives, our habits, our families, our businesses...


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