Marion Merker, Château de la Dauphine, 2014 Best Of Wine Tourism Award Winner - Architecture & Landscape , Bordeaux

“Our involvement in wine tourism being quiet recent, it was particularly relevant for us to participate in the Best Of Wine Tourism Award contest organized by the Bordeaux Chamber Commerce and Industry and the Great Wine Capitals Global Network. Being awarded in the “Architecture and Landscape” category comforted us in our wine tourism decisions.

We are all looking forward to spending quality and fun times with our loved ones, while dreading planning the whole thing. At some point we have all done the all-inclusive resort, where the kids happily play in the children’s club and the parents relax by the pool. Let’s face it though - towards the end of it, it tends to get a bit boring as you never go out of the resort! Wouldn’t it be easier if the whole family did something they all enjoyed? Cultural visits, city hopping, winery tours, biking and cooking together as a family.

This post, by Wendy Narby, is a participant in the 2014 Great Wine Capitals guest bloggers' program.

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The satellites, as their name implies, circulate around a star – the star being Saint Emilion.

This post by Wendy Narby is part of the 2014 Guest Bloggers Program.

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If you are planning a visit to Bordeaux this year, here are a few ideas I’ll be suggesting to visitors.  

The following post was submitted by Per Karlsson for the 2013 Guest Bloggers Program sponsored by the Great Wine Capitals Global Network.

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Château Larose Trintaudon

Château Larose Trintaudon has made a concerted effort since 1999 to produce wines of irreproachable quality while paying total respect to the environment. Well-aware of the fragile nature of the terroir, the estate owners have instituted a management system focusing on sustainable development. This led to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and Sustainable Agriculture certification.  Larose Trintaudon is the first European vineyard to be designated as "exemplary" by the Afnor in their 2010 reference document!

Château du Tertre

Located on the highest point in the Margaux appellation, Château du Tertre overlooks a beautiful 80-hectare estate. This noble château is surrounded by magnificently landscaped grounds and epitomises the elegance of the Regency period. The interior decoration reflects Tuscan and Flemish influences and offers guests a warm, refined atmosphere: 5 comfortable rooms with a view over the vineyard. A guided tour of the estate is included in the price.  

Château Larrivet Haut-Brion

Discovering the world of wine at Château Larrivet Haut Brion can take many forms, and is always unusual and convivial: tasting of young or mature white wines with caviar from Aquitaine or aged cheeses in an "industrial-style" venue, picnicking on the château grounds, enjoying the works of a local artist thanks to the "1 château, 1 artist” program, and "oenofolies” combining wine tasting and unusual locations such as atop a dune overlooking the ocean, in an art gallery, or in a mysterious Parisian cellar...

A unique tasting experience!

Château Gravas

Wine and art in all its forms are inextricably intertwined at Château Gravas. Cultural events, musical performances, and exhibitions take place in every season: "Printemps de Gravelor", an exhibition highlighting the artists of a given country in July, a Christmas market with craftsman, etc. On a more regular basis, the works of the famous painter and sculptor Paul Flickenger have been renewed each spring.

Château de La Dauphine

Château de La Dauphine, nestled in a curve of the Dordogne, is located in the heart of a 40 hectare vineyard that is the second largest in the Fronsac appellation. Beautiful grounds with majestic trees overlook the river and an impressive drive with century-old stone pines offers a sensation of calm and wellbeing that invariably charms visitors. The 18th century manor house is imbued with the spirit of a royal guest, Marie-Josèphe De Saxe, Dauphine de France and mother of King Louis XVI. The woodwork and decoration give visits a unique dimension.


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