Chateau Prieuré Lichine has a very long history of hospitality. As it's name implies, it is an old priory, built just behind the church of Cantenac, one of the five villages of the Margaux appellation.

When you visit the vineyards of Bordeaux, sipping a delicious glass of wine and looking out across the vines, it is easy to fantasise about buying your own vineyard.  Perhaps friends will gently remind you of the old saying “If you want to make a small fortune in wine, start with a large one”.   However, there are many who have taken the leap from successful careers elsewhere to become successful Bordeaux wine makers, employing the same skills, drive and experience.  Here are some who also have a desire to share their new passion by welcoming guests to their properties

Go up, up and away in the Graves and get birds' eye view of Bordeaux.

The Graves region of Bordeaux, south of the city, may be Bordeaux's oldest vineyard and the cradle of Bordeaux fine wine making as we know it today but that doesn't mean it's not moving with the times. 

Chateau Tour 

For its third year of existence, the Bordeaux Food Truck Festival offers a tour of various châteaux consisting of six free steps that will succeed each other starting from June leading into September venturing to five different appellations of Bordeaux wines. Combining two powerful trends, street food and wine tourism, in 2018 this tour attracted 10,000 visitors and received a Great Wine Capitals Best Of Wine Tourism award. This year's festival will (from today forward) stop at Château Castera, on the quays of Pauillac at the House of Tourism and Wines, at the Racecourse of Bordeaux, and even in a premier Grand Cru classé, the Château de Rayne Vigneau in Sauternes. Beyond the enhancement of food and wine pairings thanks to the great wines of the castles visited and the many food-trucks present (Brazilian, Asian, Italian, Breton, Basque and many others) the festival will be an opportunity to discover the current most beautiful offers wine tourism in the region: perched (in a tree) tasting, mixology workshop, an interactive tactile table, horse-drawn carriage or Jeep Willys tours, Wine Casino, etc. The participating Castles and the Blast Agency, organizer of the festival, have all already been winners of the Best Of Wine Tourism competition for excellence in the field of wine tourism. Wine neophytes and younger guests will also be pampered with a mobile Escape Game, street concerts, sports entertainment, children's games, all ambianced by the rising DJ, Samey Biova.

The Food-Truck of the Year competition

Saturday September 28th, the best food-trucks of the tour which have been selected thanks to the public vote, will meet at the racecourse of Bordeaux for a grand finale refereed by a jury of professionals in which will participate Didier Oudin (Arom Group Caterer), Hasnaa Ferreira (Hasnaa Chocolates), Paul David Orsoni (The Apprentice Chefs), Vincent Labergère (Castle of Rayne Vigneau) and Simon Chollet (Symbiose).

An official attempt at a world record

Operation Food Truck Cœur (Heart). The Bordeaux Food Truck Festival, already recognized as the largest food-truck gathering in New Aquitaine, will attempt on Sunday, September 29th, to break the official world record for the largest food-truck festival, currently held by Malaysia with 158 Food Trucks (source: The Guinness Book of World Records). This operation, called Food Truck Coeur (Heart), is intended to raise funds for the international association Action Against Hunger. The godmother of the operation is the Bordeaux and former candidate of The Voice, Kelly Grondin. She will perform on all steps of the festival alongside other groups to help draw attention to this cause.


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July 11, 2019

The Médoc Marathon gathers every year more than 9000 registered. These athletes are also strong supporters of wine and festivities that are associated with their tasting.

The tour through the vineyards and prestigious wine chateaux of Pauillac, Saint-Julien, Saint-Estèphe, Médoc and Haut-Médoc appellation, with start and finish in Pauillac.

This internationally known marathon is famous for the festive atmosphere that prevails there. 90% of marathoners run disguised indeed. The race was interrupted by several events: musical breaks the sound of one of the 23 bands scattered over the course, wine appreciation offered by the wine chateaux (23 wine tastings along the race), oysters (38th kilometer) or steaks (39th kilometer).

For organising this unusual musical event, 2800 volunteers are mobilized. The Médoc Marathon is organized by an association of volunteers, as a professional event, since its inception.


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quais de Pauillac
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Wine making is considered by many to be an art, but many wineries take the theme of art and wine a step further through architecture, art collections, exhibitions, and partnerships with artists in residence. Then there is the wine label and packaging design; so many ways to bring wine and art together.

It may seem a little early to think about the 2019 harvest, but wine makers have the harvest on their minds all year round as they keep an eye on the climate and survey the evolution of the vines and the grapes. It's never too early for visitors to think about the harvest either. Bordeaux blends several different grape varieties, all ripening at slightly different times. The harvest can last for several months here and every chateau has its own traditions and technical differences. It's an exciting time to visit!

The French definition of 'Terroir' often includes climate or at least microclimate. Nowhere in Bordeaux does this seem more appropriate than in Sauternes and Barsac. Thanks to its proximity to two rivers, the large and sluggish Garonne and the smaller more vibrant Ciron, this south-western corner of the region has its own unique microclimate.


The list of Bordeaux Châteaux who are opening restaurants amongst their vines or in their cellars continues to grow.  Other vineyards may not have restaurants but that doesn't mean you can't experience their gourmet hospitality! Many will open their doors for you to enjoy the privacy of their dining rooms for a unique French chateau experience.

Many Bordeaux chateaux welcome visitors to taste their wines alongside food, either opening restaurants or offering catering to clients and guests. Bordeaux is known as a food wine after all. A pioneer in Sauternes tourism, Chateau Guiraud is open for visits and tastings seven days a week, and has been for over 30 years, so it's fitting that they were the first amongst the 1er Grand Cru Classé Chateaux of Sauternes and Barsac to open an on-site restaurant in February 2018.



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