The land of sunshine, mountains and wine - Mendoza offers the perfect combination for Instagram heaven. With hundreds of wineries worth visiting, there’s no shortage of great shots to take on your trip into Argentine wine country, but here are some you just can’t miss!

Bodegas Caro is set in the historic winery of Bodega Escorihuela, founded in 1885. The old winery has been lovingly restored into a beautiful cocoon of history, culture and wine - the completion of which, in March 2017, prompted it to win the Great Wine Capitals Best Of Wine Tourism award for Architecture.

A visit to Bodegas Caro reveals the way in which the architecture and wines both tell a story of tradition and history, and also one of innovation and the future.

With hundreds of winemakers in Mendoza, there’s no lack of innovation happening in the winery and vineyards. Here are three innovative winemakers in Mendoza who have challenged the status quo in recent years and are worth keeping an eye on.

April 3, 2018 to April 7, 2018

From April 3 to 7, different events will take place that will combine wines, gastronomy and art with rock. This innovative experience obtained the International Gold in the Best Of 2018 and was declared of Tourist Interest by the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation.

The Week of Rock 2018 presentation took place at the Park Hyatt Mendoza. The organizers gave details about the series of activities that will take place from April 3 to 7.

With the presence of Gabriela Testa, presidents of Ente Mendoza Turismo; Leandro Livschitz, general manager of Park Hyatt Mendoza; Marcelo Pelleriti, oenologist at Monteviejo winery; Gabriela Nafissi, responsible for Plus + Arte, journalists and special guests met the agenda of the Week of Rock day by day and the names of the artists and chefs that will surprise Mendoza and tourists.

The Week of Rock is an event between Park Hyatt Mendoza and Monteviejo Winery that combines gastronomy, wines and art, united by the same theme: rock. It was declared of Tourist Interest by the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation.

"Events like these help to extend the seasons in the destination generating tourist movement, not only spreading and promoting the world of wine -which is the star of the province- but also, the spectacular landscapes of Mendoza ", underlined the subsecretary of Tourism Promotion of the Nation, Fernando García Soria.


Five unforgettable days in Mendoza

The planned agenda includes exclusive interviews with the participating artists, wine presentation and tasting, photographic exhibition, meet & greet with the musicians who will be on stage and master classes with the guest chefs.

One important moment among the events is the Masters of Food, Wine-Rock Edition, at Park Hyatt Mendoza, a gastronomy and wine event that brings together "chefs of rock", the most emblematic wineries and the mentioned musical genre. It will be on Wednesday, April 4.

On the other hand, Monteviejo Winery makes Wine Rock, the most important rock event in the region that every year gathers hundreds of people to enjoy live music, wine and gastronomy in the imposing setting of the vineyards and the Mendoza mountain. This luxury closure for the Week of Rock will take place on Saturday, April 7.

Plus + Arte is added to the agenda, an activity that year after year shows different proposals framed in an experimental and accessible projects and specific interventions, bringing together great artists from the local, national and international scene. The show will take place at the Hyatt hotel on Tuesday, April 3 and at the winery, on Friday 6.


An action that enriches the annual calendar

The event, after winning the local gold in the Innovative Experience category of the Best Of Mendoza's Wine Tourism Awards, won an international trophy in the most recent gala celebrated by the network of the Great Wine Capitals of the World, in the city of Casablanca, in November of 2017.

"In the first place, it is a recognition of the private initiative, which is one of the priorities of Governor Cornejo: to support, in this case, the tourism sector. Here we are accompanying two large companies that have two important events, already consolidated, that united and associated strengthen each other", highlighted Gabriela Testa.

The president of Ente Mendoza Turismo continued: "In addition, Plus + Arte offers the possibility of enjoying different activities with an inclusive side. This event that we are going to enjoy in Mendoza is one of the best innovative experiences in the world related to wine tourism. It obtained the international gold of the Great Wine Capitals, making it a relevant event. And if we add the improvement of air connectivity, we know that for Latin Americans, Argentine rock is part of the identity of our country. We are adding a product that mobilizes tourists by itself; this is why there are many reasons to celebrate these actions that enrich the annual calendar of activities. "

"Important chefs from the country and the world come to the Masters of Food and Wine and create dishes inspired by rock. The wineries present their best wines and there is a surprise show with the invited musicians. We are very happy to be able to do this second edition, the first one was very successful, about 4 thousand people participated, "said Leandro Livschitz, general manager of Park Hyatt Mendoza.

"This will be the 8th edition of Monteviejo Wine Rock. There will be a strong figure, which for now is a surprise. It will be Massacre as a novelty; Vanthra, the new band of Fernando Ruiz Díaz and, on the other hand, the group that is created with other members of Catupecu Machu. Coti, will be playing in this edition again. In total there will be about 12 bands. Another novelty is that there will be two stages. People will be able to enjoy from noon until around 10 pm, "said Marcelo Pelleriti, oenologist at the Monteviejo winery and organizer of Wine Rock. "Mendoza is wine and culture of work and rock is part of our identity too," he added.

The renowned Michelin Guide of France put Casa Vigil among its recommended

The important Michelin Guide of gastronomy and travel, of France recommended on this end of the year Casa Vigil, the restaurant of Chachingo, Maipú, where the famous winemaker Alejandro Vigil produces El Enemigo. The restaurant had already been distinguished this year as the best restaurant in the winery of Argentina in the Great World Capitals Best Of contest.

National Harvest Festival

The National Harvest Festival is one of the most famous worldwide celebrations, the second most important harvest celebration in the world after Thanksgiving Day, according to National Geographic.  It is an event where local people pay tribute to the wine production and its work. Celebrations start in January each year in the 18 districts of the Province of Mendoza, each one with its own characteristics. A series of events take place around this celebration. It starts on the last week of February, until the main ceremony is celebrated on the first weekend of March, at the Frank Romero Day Greek Theater. This show brings together more than 1000 artists on stage with scenes in different dimensions where the traditional folk music gains prominence as the origin of a culture built together with creoles and immigrants who work the land to get the fruit of the new wine. The close with flourish is given by the election of the National Harvest Queen at the end of the show, who will represent the province throughout the year.

In the Nave Cultural was held the award of Best of Mendoza's Wine Tourism 2018, a contest that recognizes excellence in wine tourism. The gold winners will participate in the global event next month in Casablanca, Chile.

The province dressed up for the awards ceremony that recognizes excellence in local wine tourism: the Best of Mendoza's Wine Tourism 2018. The awards took place in the Nave Cultural of the City of Mendoza and attended by Governor Alfredo Cornejo and the Mayor of the City of Mendoza, Rodolfo Suarez.

Glass has been essential to the preservation of wine over many centuries and continues to sustain the industry today. Thus it is quite fitting that last year’s Great Wine Capital’s ‘Best Of Wine Tourism’ Award winner in Sustainability in Mendoza was Verallia, one of the world’s largest glass bottle producers.

Bodega Casa Vigil

Sustainable Practices in Bodega CASA VIGIL

4 Conceptual axes of work:

Artists’ House

Cult wine and Product-based Cuisine.

Natural and family atmosphere.

Sustainable  House.

All these working areas are correlated and have one ultimate goal: turning Chachingo into a sustainable destination, where inhabitants feel proud and happy of the place they live. In this way, they will transmit to visitors the love and the strong identity that is breathed in the place.

Our sustainability work essential basis is to develop the community we inhabit: Chachingo, a place located in the department of Maipú, Mendoza. Based on the concept of Local Development, we have started to carry out sustainable practices related to environmental protection and Chachingo inhabitants well-being.

Sustainable Practices:

-Cultural actions with the Community: Chachingo School. School building repairs, paintings and drawings made in the walls of the classrooms by artists from Mendoza. Catering healthy snacks. Fundrising events.

- Organic garden: the revaluation of resources. "Conservation and management of biodiversity is not possible without the preservation of cultural diversity"

- Product – Based Cuisine: It highlights the excellence of raw material almost in pure state, being hardly manipulated by the chef. It also claims to be eco-cuisine, one of the latest trends. It is linked to sustainability and environmental care, which stands for the use of eco-friendly products.

- Recycling: waste separation, searching of recycling plants, transfer and the gathering funds to support the school of Chachingo.

- EARTH CHECK Evaluate: we work with a program that recognizes organizations that engage in sustainable practices. The evaluation is a tool for operators who want to become green, clean and with greater social responsibility. It assesses an operator’s economic, social and environmental impact. 

Bodega Casa Vigil

Casa Vigil is located in a beautiful location in the heart of the department of Maipú, Mendoza. This is a winery that offers its visitors a different outing in which wine and literature are combined to give way to a unique wine tourism experience. Alejandro Vigil takes you to the magic world of Dante’s Divine Comedy in his Casa Vigil.


Casa Vigil belongs to the very well-known agronomic engineer Alejandro Vigil. It offers —to locals and visitors- a particular charm originating from the fusion of Maipu’s landscape —a traditional wine region of Mendoza-, innovative architecture and an inviting menu. Each plate is prepared with products from our orchard. The excellently ranked wines are the treasure of the winery where art and history are the pillars of this great sensory experience.

Dante Alighieri’s glorious poem is the conceptual inspiration sensed in every corner of the winery. In the Republic of Chachingo the visitor is offered a tour through Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise with a different pre-established punishment to that of the Italian poet. Here in Maipú visitors are seduced by a blend of flavors and delighted by the whole portfolio of Enemigo wines. Under the eyes of Dante, Virgil and Beatrice, Casa Vigil presents its dishes, which breathe the magic world of the Divine Comedy felt all through the winery. This special winery restaurant offers tourists and locals alike product cuisine, family recipes, plentiful dishes and familiar ambience.


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