Dec 03, 2021

A Rheinhessen Christmas dinner

What is the perfect wine for a Christmas dinner? Here are some recommendations from Rheinhessen.

For those who celebrate Christmas, it is always something to look forward to at the end of the year. Spending time with the family, relaxing, eating delicious food… And why not have the perfect wine(s) to match your Christmas dinner? Here are some recommendations from Rheinhessen.

As an aperitif, the Rheinhessen edition of sparkling wine, the “Winzersekt”, is an enjoyable option. It is a refreshing indulgence and there is a great variety to choose from.

Depending on your main dish, you have the choice between a white and a red wine.

Something savoury…

Since they took over from their parents in 2006, the Thörle brothers have focused on the classic vines: Pinot Blanc, Silvaner and Burgundy. They want to create authentic wines and have certainly succeeded with their Pinot Blanc ‘Limestone’ dry!

The nose is smoky with fine aromas of yellow fruits. On the palate, it appears opulent and ripe, yet it carries a noticeable, salty minerality. In addition, a fine wood spice rounds off this fluid work of art. The aftertaste challenges the palate and plays out its creamy, yeasty length.
Thus, the Pinot Blanc is a particularly good fit for salads with creamy dressings and fish.

If you opt for a red wine, Dreissigacker winery offers an excellent option with their Vintages Red dry. It demonstrates how fun, soulful and diverse the combination of several vintages that complete each other perfectly can be. In this case, it is the 2017 and 2018 vintages, which create an elegant, fruity and harmonic red.
The nose promises spicy aromas and reminisces of pickled cherries. In the mouth, there is a taste of dark chocolate and berries. Dreissigacker recommends pairing it with a classic lasagne or confit goose leg and red cabbage.

…and something sweet

The 2018 Scheurebe Eiswein from Weingut Braunewell in Essenheim is a perfect finish. Ice wines are a regional specialty of the cool climate regions and must be harvested as frozen grapes at a minimum of -7°C. While water in the juice is freezing, sugar, aroma and acidity concentrate in the deep frozen grapes and result in a pure extract. Therefore, the Braunewell Eiswein comes along with concentrated, exotic fruits, honey and aromas of dried, candied peaches. Yet, there is still a pleasant fruit acidity on the palate.

The best ice wines are traditionally harvested in late vintages with early frost, however this vintage was the complete opposite. Due to a mild autumn and winter, the grapes remained healthy and the Braunewells harvested it before sunrise on January 22, 2019 at -12°C.

Christmas time in Mainz

Christmas atmosphere in Mainz
Credits: Landeshauptstadt Mainz

Along with the wine, family Braunewell recommends an Engadin nut cake with red wine plums from Rheinhessen or warm chocolate cake with red berries, cinnamon ice cream and caramelized almond hippe. Sounds delicious, does it not?

Whatever you choose, Mainz and Rheinhessen wish you a healthy and peaceful Christmas time and a happy New Year. Cheers!

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