Aug 11, 2022

Authentic, Groundbreaking and Unique Experiences to discover in Douro and Vinho Verde Wine Regions

In the heart of the Vinho Verde, Douro, and Porto wine regions, the wineries are always innovating and reinventing themselves to provide differentiated experiences to their visitors. Set out with us to discover a set of "out of the box" experiences that stand out.

In addition to the activities that many have already had the opportunity to experience, the region and wineries are always innovating and reinventing themselves to provide differentiated experiences to their visitors. And since innovation, authenticity, and differentiation are determining factors in attracting new customers, we have selected a set of “out of the box” experiences that stand out in relation to others.

It is in the heart of the Vinho Verde, Douro, and Porto wine regions that it is possible to discover the experiences we selected, which, among intense greens, Manueline windows, and vintage wine bottles, tell the story of generations in a captivating and powerful way. Set out with us to discover these experiences.


Quinta da Pacheca is a resonant name to wine tourism lovers, after the creation of innovative rooms in front of vineyards in giant barrels, the winery has recently explored a mixture between art and wine, in a charming combination, with the creation of an atelier, under the responsibility of the artist Óscar Rodrigues, for the conception of art.

Painting, ceramics, and sculpture are some of the arts included in the ‘ATELIÊ D’OR’, which invites all visitors of the ‘Quinta’ to give “wings” to their imagination and transport to canvas and tiles what their creativity dictates.

In the atelier everyone can test their artistic vein with the execution of differentiating challenges such as sculpting on old vine stocks or painting on a canvas with wine. Here, culture meets tourism, and the fusion is enthusiastic and passionate.


The disappearance of the first bottle from the private collection of the Quinta da Aveleda family gives the motto to a new experience: the Escape Garden, a puzzle game in one of the most charming, poetic, and romantic gardens of the Vinhos Verdes region.

This “tragic” event introduces the eight hectares to the adventurers, who for 60 minutes must solve puzzles and logical sequences that allude to the history of the Quinta to prove their innocence regarding the disappearance of the centennial relic.

This is the first outdoor escape room in the world, and it is an innovative and diligent way to educate about wine and the history of the Quinta da Aveleda family.


Located in Ervedosa do Douro, in the municipality of São João da Pesqueira, Quinta das Carvalhas has one of the best and most fortunate locations in the Douro Valley. Visits to vineyards can be made everywhere, however here is where things change.

Quinta das Carvalhas is unique, from its origin to the way it interprets and treats Nature. Álvaro Martinho is the agronomist responsible for the Quinta’s viticulture. The Vintage Tour, conducted by him, reveals to be a pleasant surprise, which allows you not only to know the Douro Terroir and the culture of the vineyards, but also all the biodiversity of the autochthonous grape varieties.

Along the way, enjoy the landscape, the explanations from the engineer who, being from the Douro, knows the Quinta like the “back of his hand”. Get ready for a tour unlike any other: charismatic, captivating, and innovative.

At the end, enjoy a Premium tasting of the Carvalhas range (White, Tinto Francisca, Touriga Nacional and Old Vines), accompanied by a platter of cheeses and sausages and to finish off, a glass of Port. If you are lucky, you may hear the lovely voice of the Engineer and his wonderful Portuguese guitar, an immersive and mesmerizing experience for all senses.

The North of Portugal, a region with strong winemaking traditions and an outstanding wine tourism offer, has been improving its spaces, production units, and emblematic places every year, becoming more and more appealing to visitors.

Come be enchanted by the magical and poetic gardens of Quinta da Aveleda, discover the secrets of biodiversity at Quinta das Carvalhas and the history of the region that has much to tell, and give wings to your imagination at Quinta da Pacheca in a painting with wine…. The wine tourism activities waiting for you are countless, come see for yourself, and enjoy a world of new experiences.  Do we have a date?

Text by Wine Tourism in Portugal

Photos by order: Quinta da Pacheca; Quinta da Aveleda; Quinta das Carvalhas