Apr 29, 2021

“Experience Rheinhessen” –  a road movie with people of Rheinhessen, wine, and culture

With attractive videos on the subject of "Experience Rheinhessen," the association Rheinhessenwein e.V. and Rheinhessen Touristik GmbH are giving a strong impetus to the promotion of the wine experience region Rheinhessen in digital media.

With attractive videos on the subject of “Experience Rheinhessen,” the association Rheinhessenwein e.V. and Rheinhessen Touristik GmbH are giving a strong impetus to the promotion of the wine experience region Rheinhessen in digital media.

The two Rheinhessen institutions designed the film project as a moving image source for online channels. Hence, the aim of the concept was to generate episodes of exciting stories in moving pictures. At the same time, the episodes are supposed to also work and fascinate on their own.

A journey in 7 episodes

The result is a journey in 7 episodes with an oldtimer VW Van “Bulli“ through the land of a thousand hills. In the road movie, the protagonists Uschi (Ursula Becker) and Lennart (Lennart Behnke) explore the wine, countryside and people of Rheinhessen. She is an experienced cook, professing inhabitant of Rheinhessen, cultural and wine-ambassador from Mainz. And she is the omniscient companion of him, a Berlin resident, journalist and ever curious globetrotter.

Above all, the stories of the people, the country and the culture are the focus of the tour. Therefore, the screenplay begins with the market breakfast (Marktfrühstück) in Mainz and ends with the grape harvest in Siefersheim. Always close to the people: emotional, full of zest for action and ardent for their cause. Just what the Rheinhessen people are known for. And so those participants are ambassadors for their region and the true heroes of the films. Thus, the episodes are exciting through the dialogues of Uschi and Lennart. They are adventurous in the challenges of Lennart at the various stops. And always enriched by the magnificent, wide views over the Rheinhessen landscape.

Online communication of regions

Interesting content is currently the yardstick for evaluating the online communication of regions. As a consequence, based on this insight, the wine and tourism experts in Rheinhessen have jointly embarked on the project “Development of thematic film modules for marketing the wine experience region Rheinhessen and its wines.“ The project is substantially supported with LEADER subsidies of the European Union via the “Rural Action Group Rheinhessen” (Ländliche Aktionsgemeinschaft Rheinhessen).

What did we expect?

The big expectation is that Rheinhessen fans follow in the footsteps of Uschi and Lennart “offline.“ Moreover, they shall experience the beautiful stations of the journey through life in Rheinhessen. Since 5th June 2020, the the two Rheinhessen institutions released 7 episodes every Friday at 6 pm on the Website. And the first episode already showed considerable success. Within one weekend, the Facebook page won 1,000 new fans and reached 100,000 users on the platform. In addition, the youtube channel went live especially for this project and generated over 200 subscribers within a week. Finally the first episode became 17,000 views, just within the first 4 days.

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